Licensing One of the top movies out right now is Lego the Movie.

It’s really the first time there has EVER been such a diverse array of characters from Batman, to Woody, to Spongebob, to Darth Vader, to Indiana Jones, all in one flick…

(Come on! You know that brings up some fond memories.)

What did it take to make this movie and get this all-star cast together?

One word:


Many licensing deals to the tunes of hundreds of millions spent to secure the licensing rights.

Now why would they secure licensing rights to create a movie of Plastic Lego’s?

Why not just think up new but similar characters?

Because, nobody care’s about a skinny cowboy, they want Woody.

No one wants a ‘guy’ in black tights, they want the Vader.

See, it’s worth it for companies like this to be licensing out memorable brands, big names, and established heroes.

Somebody has already done all the hard work of creating, branding, and establishing a million dollar name!

If they come onto the scene as a ‘no-name’, likely their chances of success will be bleak.

This is why you see a part one, two, three, and so on of movies. Think they’re at like Fast and Furious 7 now!

It’s what they call a Franchise…

They’re pretty much guaranteed hits.

Thing is, you can leverage this online too.


It’s very powerful.

Instead of trying to start from scratch, you leverage a big brand, proven business models, memorable marketing methods, you leverage it all and take it straight to the bank.

Here is your ticket to licensing:

Enjoy the show,







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