Beta Testers Needed for a new lead system we have just released…

The beta program we just released is AWESOME and will work well with whatever you decide to use it for. This system will work for any business, product, or anything you want to market.

We are still in the beta stage. I am looking for 10 lead system beta testers to create success stories for this system.

You will be exposed to this lead system as you make your way through the simple phases, in exchange for a testimonial from you at the end of your beta test.

My team is qualifying people right now for the program.  If your interested you can shoot me an email at with “YES I’M IN”, in the subject box.

Once I receive your email or comment I will get back to you with what is necessary to see if you qualify for this lead system beta test. This is a complete lead system to help you grow your business online but I need to get you qualified first. We are looking to create leaders that want to take their MLM (network marketing) companies to the next level…

So, if you are interested in helping out with our lead system beta testing and getting a lead system that will help you grow your business in the process, then you need to shoot me an email at with “YES I’M IN”, in the subject box….

I posted on Facebook last night that i was looking for beta testers and when I powered up my computer this morning I had three responses…so get in now!

Do it now, remember I am only looking for about 10 people to do the lead system beta testing of this…

I am waiting to hear from you, so contact me right now and let’s get you started…so I can get you qualified for the lead system beta testing right away…






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