Jim Rohn As You Have NEVER heard him…

Hey hey, so…

I’m a big fan of Jim Rohn. If you haven’t heard of him before, you should definitely check him out.

You can find a lot of his videos on ye olde YouTube and grab some of his books super duper cheap over at Amazon as well. It would be a Great investment into thyself as well…

Anyhoo, I’ve been jotting down some key thoughts of Jim Rohn lately, and have a few awesome quotable’s to share with you today.

This stuff DEFINITELY APPLIES to what we do and what it takes to profit in a home based business!

And these ain’t just your normal, yet great Jim Rohn quotes, they’re about taking action. Getting things done. Just the nitty gritty good stuff here.

Now I’ll also add in my own two cents here and there where I think I can add in some further thoughts that apply, cool?

Jim Rohn Quotable’s To Take To Heart, So You Can Take It To The Bank:

‘You Must Learn To Translate Wisdom And Strong Feelings Into Labor.’

(Ooh, this one hits a hot spot in my heart. Many people feel that buying a how-to course or book means they’ve actually accomplished something. They think a hardcore desire and ‘want’ to take action will somehow magically put money in their pockets.


Both are false feelings of accomplishment…

You’ve got to take that new found wisdom, what you know you need to do, you’ve got to take that strong desire to succeed in this industry, and day in and out, show it by your LABOR. That’s how you get results my friend!)

‘The Miracle Of The Seed And The Soil Is Not Available By Affirmation; It Is Only Available By Labor.’

(Yup, positive self talk is important, but you can’t affirmation yourself to success. If you’ve got a seed, and you’ve got a bit of soil, nothing will happen by wishing or talking it to happen.

You’ve got to plant the seed, water it, till it, cultivate it, and constantly take care of it… aka ACTION BABY!)

‘Make Rest A Necessity, Not An Objective. Only Rest Long Enough To Gather Strength.’

(This bad boy can play both ways. For one, you don’t want to over work yourself. That’s usually a sign of bad time management and waiting to the last minute to get things done each day. Been there done that.

When you lose sleep, your health is effected, your brain and creativity slows down, you get all grumpy, it’s not a good general practice. People that eat well, exercise frequent, and sleep well usually earn much more than their overworked cohorts. Something to think about…

On the other hand. Many people are literally sleeping their life away! You don’t want to fall into that category either.

Get the right amount of sleep your body needs, nothing more, nothing less. Balance is the rule of the game here.)

‘Without Constant Activity, The Threats Of Life Will Soon Overwhelm The Values.’

(This is one reason why you hear me often preaching to do things consistently, day in and day out.  We all have daily threats of our time, anxieties, things pulling at our attention, away from success and greatness.

You gotta keep them feet moving in the right direction every day!)

‘The Few Who Do Are The Envy Of The Many Who Only Watch.’

(This is so true in this industry. Who are envied the most? It’s the people putting themselves out there. It’s the one’s taking the most action. It’s the DOERS.

And ironically, these peeps are usually the most financially successful as well.

Yet, I say ENVY nobody! Look at your current position and then resolve to become a doer. Try to beat your own best’s each month. That will enable you with so much power that you’ll make a 67′ Mustang blush.)

”For Every Promise, There Is A Price To Pay.’

Failure carries a price, success carries a price, and yes, a promise carries a price too.

Life ain’t some big ‘Easy Street’. You’ve got to look at where you seriously want to be headed right now, make a promise to yourself that you’ll do it, and then recognize that there’s a big price to pay and be willing pay that price…)

Alrightee then, so I hope you may have received a few ‘aha’ moments here today.

If you know what to do now, then I suggest you get at it!

If you still need further direction and help, I recommend you check this out: (It’ll help greatly)


To your success,

Jim Rohn

Virgil Cook
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