SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld On The Selling Psyche…

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently won a CLIO Award.

It’s a prestigious award given out to those in the world of advertising, which is where Seinfeld got his start.

In his brief ‘Thank You’ speech, he lays down some SERIOUS insights into the psyche of a buyer.

He starts off by saying that he loves advertising because he loves lying. (He’s only half serious here, remember, he’s a comedian!)

What he’s really saying here and goes on to say is that in advertising, everything is sold as the way you WISH it was.

And that people like that.

It’s the ‘feeling’ people get that they love so much.

It’s the feeling they get between the gap of seeing the advertisement and owning the thing they’re about to buy that makes them feel so happy.

That’s ALL that 90% of people want.

Seinfeld”Tell me it’s great, I don’t have to be happy all the time, just give me this brief moment of happiness.”

That’s where most people are, whether they realize it or not.

And if YOU realize this, it can totally transform your marketing and business.

**Cough** Give people what they want! **Cough**

Paint the picture of what’s possible (It really is if they take action), make them overjoyed, give them the amazing feeling of the purchase.

And as Seinfeld revealed. This alone will make 90% of your customers and list happy.

(This is also by the way why you see serial buyers, they buy how-to products day in and out for the feeling, the experience of “what’s possible”. It’s like crack to them.)

But, what if we could take it a step further than that?

What if we could actually deliver on the experience?

Now, only a set percentage of the market will stand up and use what you give them, whether it be an info-product or a set of P90X workouts, etc…

But that’s not your fault. You want to simply help those that WANT to change their lives.

SeinfeldYou want to give them that HAPPY experience when they buy, after they buy, and for years to come.

That’s how you create a 6-7 figure business, and it’s how you have wonderful friendships…

…And, it’s how you change lives, yes, even yours.

You just don’t give them the happy feeling of buying.

You support, guide, and deliver on what you say.

Crazy thought, huh…?

If you need a system and WORLD to do this in, then watch this brief presentation and decide to get started as soon as you possibly can.

Here’s to being happy, happy, happy!



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