Well, somebody call Batman!… Seems like there has been some crazy vandalism going on lately in San Diego California with a SmartCar…

There’s been multiple reports of people’s cute little Smart Cars being flipped over…

smartcarFlipped over like they’re just little Toys, according to the News Reporter. </insert laughter!>

Now why are these things so easy to tip over?

Because, they don’t have a firm foundation to the ground, that’s why! They’re light as a feather.

Just 2-3 teens could give one a flip quite easily.

Here’s what you don’t see, Hummers, SUVS, or big Pick-Up trucks being flipped…

Vehicles like this are Safe and Secure…

Now ,where am I going here with all this Smart Car flipping non-sense? Am I suggesting you go out and flip one of your own?

While that would no doubt be an incredibly fun night on the town, no, that’s not what I’m getting at.

Think about home based businesses for a second…

If you look at most online business models and how they’re structured, they are what we’d call, Light.

Light as a SmartCar.

One mishap, one price increase in advertising, one bad month, and they’re business is flipped on it’s back, and they have no way to turn-over profits, just like the SmartCar.

See, their business is totally UNSTABLE.

We don’t want that.

Not if you want steady, consistent profits, that can’t be flipped by any economy, any recession, or any changes in the online marketplace, like a SmartCar.

If you set things up right, your business will be like a Hummer, an SUV, a friggin’ Tank!… not like a SmartCar…

Nothing can stop it from profiting daily.

So… how do you do this?

Well, your business needs to be heavy on profits. And when you’re heavy on profits, you don’t care if you need more fuel to keep moving forward.

You put $400 to fill the tank up with leads and prospects, and the little “SmartCar” marketers only put $50 in theres.

However, at the end of that journey, you’ve put $9,000 in your pockets and they’ve lost money. Flipped on their backs again.

Get this, those who can afford to put the most money in their tank will win, every time. And little low-profit business models just don’t allow you to do that.

So, my big thinking friend…

The true secret-sauce key here is having high profit margins and high ticket offers integrated into your business.

And you’re able to get all of that, and then some, right here:


Check it out and let me know what you think.

I’m off to go “SmartCar” tipping now… LOL

See ya,






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