iPAS 2 – Crazy Stupid Answers To This Question?

Just this past week I stumbled across a blog series that got A LOT of attention.

The guy that put it together is one of the key guys with AppSumo.

Here’s the general outline of the weeks content:

If you had only 30 days and I had that one thing you love so much and hold so dear to your heart at ransom…

How would you in those 30 days:

  • Make an extra $100?
  • Make an extra $1,000?
  • Make an extra $10,000?
  • Make an extra $100,000?
  • Make an extra $1,000,000?

Each dollar amount was a blog post for that day.

Now I’ll say this, some of the comments were pretty good.

Yet most of them were either just downright terrible, ridiculous, or plain out you knew it would have very little chances of success.

In reality, most of these targets are pretty achievable except that last one.

It’s POSSIBLE. But $1 million from scratch in 30 days is a pretty tough bet for most of us.

But I was quite saddened by the responses, more in the $100-$100k posts.


Because if they knew what you and I do, they’d know EXACTLY how to do it.

And I wanted to just tell them to follow the proven iPAS 2 System:


Any of those income targets are totally achievable with the iPAS 2 System.

And that’s because of the incredible leverage the program gives you, mainly through it’s many done for you elements.

From the leads to the big profit sales, you can make it about as done-for-you as you like!

  • And if you want to go from $1 to…
  • $100…
  • $1,000…
  • $10,000…
  • $100,000+…

All you do is scale things up to the appropriate levels.

And the iPAS 2 System shows you exactly how to go from $0 to your first commission, to your first $10,000+ month.

If you’ve not started with this yet, today’s your day.

Watch the life-changing presentation here:


Then get committed, get excited, and get started.


ipas 2













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