What are you doing to create Internet business income?

That is a question you should be asking yourself because if you don’t know or if you are not doing anything other than promoting your company or company products, then you are leaving thousands of dollars on the proverbial table…

You may be saying, “what should I be doing other than promoting my company?”

Promoting your company is good, don’t get me wrong but are you making any money before you get someone to sign up for your company and then how long does it take for them to start producing before you start earning from their efforts?

If I remember right, back when I was doing the same thing, it could take a long time and sometimes never…

Well, here is what I suggest!

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to create income to support you and your business efforts. There are a couple of different ways of doing affiliate marketing.

You can create an account with Clickbank and promote other people products using your own capture page and then sending people to the marketers websites…

You can find a leader that already has some awesome products on the market and has made a name for themselves that is respected for having quality products. Because you don’t want to promote things that are not of good quality or you won’t be earning an income for very long…

Usually these leaders will have an affiliate program that you can sign up for that is free to participate in. You will earn a specified commission for specific products. You will be given your own personal affiliate link and in most cases some marketing tools consisting of banners, email swipe copy, etc. It is then up to you to go out and promote, do your follow up, and make the sale…

But did you know that there is a much more lucrative way to be an affiliate marketer:

  • You can earn much higher commissions as high as 90% of the sale of the product
  • You have in most cases many more products to market for higher commissions
  • You have many more tools and more training on the best ways to market these products
  • There is a phone team in place to follow up FOR YOU to make sales FOR YOU on the back end

What? You didn’t know there was anything out there that would do most of the heavy work for you and all you had to do was drive traffic to an offer…?

Yep, I know of at least two that I am affiliated with personally.

Each one is great for different reasons:

Option #1

The first one I would like to explain to you is called Webroom Seminar. This is what I recommend for the beginner or intermediate marketer, just getting started or that has been struggling to make any progress online. I have found that the majority of the people that come online, do so in absolutely the reverse order of the way they should and that is why so many people are struggling or quitting…

Let me explain: Most people come online because they have responded to someones marketing of this super duper company or product that is going to make them rich. Now that may be true, however, the first thing that happens is they get signed up with all their hopes and dreams intact…

The next month or two months or three months go by… Nothing! No income… No signups… They are following everything they are being told and it is not working…

Do you want to know why it is not working?

It is because they do not know the first thing about marketing. They don’t know where to start in the first place…

That is why the Webroom Seminar is the perfect answer. Hopefully a person would find it first when they first come online, so they can get the ball rolling right away. The Webroom Seminar is a 10 week workshop that literally walks a person through every step of getting their marketing funnel set up and making money.

The good thing about this is it will help anyone already in a company or trying to market a product create their own precise marketing funnel to promote them…

What is so lucrative about WS is that it is price so anyone can afford it with the first of ten workshops available for only $1. You can test drive this for $1 and then, only if you decide to continue will you be billed a one-time $97.00…

On top of that you can earn as you learn with these workshops by purchasing a license to market all of the products available at another low cost and earn awesome commissions for promoting the workshops. Also, their is a phone team following up and selling higher ticket items on the back end for you…

Option #2

Now this brings me to my second option and also my favorite. Why is it my favorite? Because the commissions are a lot higher, paying out 90% commissions. On top of the 90% commissions is an awesome follow up process done for you. A phenomenal phone team that sells much higher ticket products for you on the back end as well. All you have to do is drive traffic to it and then watch for the commissions to roll in.

What I am recommending here is Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licensee program.

Here’s what you are actually getting when you become a MOBE Licensee:

  • 90% commissions on Matt Lloyd’s core programs:  My Email Marketing Empire, How To Build A Funded Proposal, Affiliate Bonus Domination, The O.P.T. Formula
  • Matt’s phone team following up with your leads, closing sales, and putting up to $1,200 in your pocket on each sale
  • Access to Matt’s new ‘Co-Reg’ system, where the Licensee is also building your list when they drive traffic to your own license links (the lead is shared, and Matt endorse the Licensee on the thank you page).
  • Each new licensee will get 3 x 30 minute strategy calls, where we’ll help you with your online goals, mapping out a plan for you, and getting traffic.
  • You’ll also get access to 5 training videos (over 5 hours in length), that will show you exactly what you need to do, to start getting results.
  • You’ll have access to our private MOBE License Rights Facebook group (so you will have direct access to Matt Lloyd, me, and fellow licensees, if you have questions/ challenges).

Now how cool is that!

Myself personally as an Online Marketing Coach and Trainer, recommend both of these options. I recommend the Webroom Seminar for it’s low cost availability and its awesome step-by-step training workshops and its ability for you to earn as you learn. This puts cash into your pocket right away so you can market your own company or product as well.

I also recommend Matt Lloyd’s, MOBE Licensee program, because what I have learned in business is that a person will not become successful selling $25 products. This program has products that the regular marketer looking for awesome training can purchase courses for reasonable prices, but you have a phone team and followup system in place that will sell for you. You earn the Lions share of the commissions and all you have to do is drive traffic.

I have a proposition for you! As you may know, a big part of success online is having a coach and a mentor to help you along the way so you don’t have to make all the mistakes that most people make. Most people say, “but coaching is too expensive, there is no way I can afford it?”

How would you like to get my coaching for free? Well almost for free…

All you have to do is invest in one or if it was me, both of those options above and get 30 minutes free coaching each week for 10 weeks. I normally charge $275.00 per/hour. That is $1,375.00 worth of coaching for the cost of one or both of the options above. When you get started with both options, you will double your coaching and get one hour of coaching for 10 weeks. Either two 30 minute sessions or one 1 hour session each week for 10 weeks. That is $2,750.00 worth of coaching.

Here’s the catch! In order to get all of that coaching, you need to be one of the first 25 to get started before midnight on December 31, 2012.

10 x 30 minute sessions for one or 10 x 60 minute sessions for both… You decide for your self.

To learn more about Webroom Seminar, here is a free webinar: http://virgilcook.com/webroom

To learn more about Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licensee Program, you can pick up Matts IM Revolution Handbook right here for only $9.95 that will explain the whole program for you in detail. Then when you get started with the license program you will get my coaching as mentioned for free. http://virgilcook.com/imrev-reg

MOBE License Rights free webinar


If you are ready to get started right now so you do not miss out on the free coaching, contact me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/virgil.r.cook or give me a call at 541-913-2340…

IM Revolution








I will be looking forward to hearing from you for one or both options… I can’t wait to get started helping you earn possibly for the first time!

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