If It’s All About The Money You’ll Probably Fail

Remember Cuba Gooding, J.R.’s character, the flamboyant football star, “Rod”, dancing around in the shower while talking to his desperate agent, Jerry Maguire?

Rod keeps prodding Jerry to scream “Show me the money!” over and over and over. Louder each time.

And sometimes that’s what info marketing can feel like. It’s all about the money.

Online info marketing has a bad reputation thanks to a small group of bad apples. That reputation is that it’s all “show me the money”. All about greed. Nothing matters but the size of your commissions and the number in your bank account.

And, don’t get me wrong, money motivation can be a very positive thing. Some part of your personality needs to be dancing around with Rod and screaming “show me the money”.

But not ALL of your personality.

Because that attitude will only take you so far in the info marketing world, especially if you don’t experience success right away.

If all you have to motivate you is your greed gland, you’ll burn out very quickly if the results don’t show up right away.

You need higher motivation. Ask yourself, “What do you want the money FOR?”

  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Quit your 9-5 cubicle job?
  • Travel the world?
  • Give to your favorite charity?
  • Change the world?
  • Enjoy your favorite hobbies more?

Spend time writing those things down. Then visualize them as vividly as you can.

Every day.

Even iPAS 2, one of the most powerful, systematic and high-paying online businesses I know of, can only take you so far if all you care about is money. Set your goals higher, work the steps, and the money will appear.



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