prospectsHow To Ripen Your Prospects Into Customers

Imagine you go to the store and buy some tomato plants.

You plant them in your garden.

You water them and weed the soil and fertilize them, and wait.

Then, inevitably, some of the tomatoes turn red.

But not all of them, right?

Now, what if someone told you, “Well, you should pick the red ones, throw away the rest of the plants, and go to the store to buy new plants.”

When you ask why, they say, “Well, that’s where the tomatoes came from, you went to the store and got plants, so now you should go get more.”

That’s crazy right?

prospectsIf you wait, and continue to water and care for the plants you have, eventually the green tomatoes (prospects) will turn into red ones (customers).

Everyone knows this about tomato plants.

But not everyone knows this about customers, but it’s as true of customers as it is of tomatoes.

Not all customers “ripen” at the same speed.

You must have systems in place that nurture them along, ripening them, until they’re ready to be picked.

Autoresponder emails, for example, are great “ripening” systems.

And yet most wannabe entrepreneurs insist “buying more tomato plants.”

They waste their money buying more expensive traffic rather than nurturing the “green” prospects they already have. Traffic, traffic, traffic.

But IPAS 2 has nurturing, ripening systems already in place.

Daily, pre-written emails, a phone sales team, direct mail pieces.

Everything you need to turn your green tomatoes (prospects) into ripe, profitable customers.

Click here to gather your harvest…



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