How To Profit As An Affiliate…

Depending on where you live, if you can catch a nighttime sky on a clear night, you’ll see the stars decorating the sky like diamonds.

They’re all incredible to look at.

profitWe try to find the constellations we know.

  • Little Dipper.
  • Big Dipper.


Yet, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE from one star to another.

A star is not JUST a star, right?

For example:

A small star that we might notice in the sky, is much different than say, THE SUN.

The sun is much larger.

And as a result, it’s MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

Uhm… size doesn’t “always” matter, but in many cases it does.

profitIt matters with the sun, AND, it definitely matters in your online business too.

Small profits are like small stars.

They’re nice to look at, but they are not too beneficial to you really.

Getting a bunch of $7.00-$47.00 commissions and so on isn’t changing anybodies life.

And likely, it’s not making you one red cent, because acquiring a customer isn’t cheap these days.

profitYou want to be able to play big.

Both in what you can afford to acquire a new customer, and, in the size of your profits.

And, ironic or not, these two are closely tied together.

For example:

  • If you can only afford to spend, say $250 to find a customer, then you need to make more than that back during your average customers lifetime with your business.
  • At $47 are you able to profit when the cost of acquiring a customer is $250?
  • Well… ya won’t be in business long there if not!
  • But spend $250 and make $1,000-$5,000?
  • Now you’re onto something.

And that’s what iPAS 2 gives you the opportunity to do:

Low-tier and mid-tier products (even FREE products) all have their place, just like tiny stars do.

But you can’t stop there.

You need, you must have Lucrative Offers if you plan to THRIVE, or to even break even for that matter.

  • And I want you to do better than just break even.
  • I want you to make more money and live a better life than you have ever even imagined possible.

If you want that for yourself, then check out this brief presentation:

It’s the first step to getting this going.

After you watch it, IN FULL, and TAKE NOTES, then let me know if I can help or if you have gotten any questions.

I’m here for you.

Talk later,











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