MTTBWhether you have got 1 hr. a day to spend on your business, or 10 hrs. a day, you have got to be very selective at how you spend your time.

There is so much choice these days, that we have all got to do things with blinders on, or we’ll just get too distracted and will never get the Big Things done.

As you build up your business, you’ll come across fine folks making money from Facebook, from selling products, from affiliate marketing, and on the list goes…

Yet, we can’t do ‘em all!

And here’s the thing…

We don’t need to.

Trying to do everything is a quick way to frustration and failure.

MTTBSo my advice is this:


Most things people are doing make no difference.

They’re running a busyness rather than a business.

And in reality, being busy is a form of laziness.

Lazy thinking and indiscriminate action; as entrepreneur Tim Ferriss puts it.

So slow down, be selective at what you do, focus on the important and ignore the rest.

That’s how you’ll get to the next level, and that’s how you’ll get to run a business that fuels your ideal lifestyle.

Now what are the key things you should be focusing on in your business?

I can’t tell you that.

That depends on your goals and skill-sets.

It also may involve you testing out several different things, eliminating what does not work or is unnecessary, and scaling up what is working.

It’s not too “tough” a process, and it’s one I have went through myself.

One of the key things I focus on is the economics of my business.

Because healthy profits, mean a healthy business.

And a healthy business allows me to do more of the stuff I like to do, and to massively help others get what they want in return.

It’s very hard to get the economics of an online business profitable these days without having some sort of Top Tier offer on the back-end.

But once you get this in place, you’ll see your business explode, and the demands on your time, if you play it smart, diminish.

mttbThis is the system (MTTB) to follow to get you there:

I whole-heartedly recommend it, “IF” you’re serious and ready to make moves in your business and life.












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