Why You Need Necessity In Your Life…

Greek Philosopher Plato said that necessity was the mother of invention.

And once you realize this, it can clarify a lot of things about your business and in your life.

It explains why, Miraculously, you can get a project done, all at last minute, when you did nothing on it for weeks before.


Again, necessity.

It HAD to be done or you’d lose your job or face whatever consequence is there.

It explains why some of the best ideas come out of terrible circumstances.

It tells us why people that are working over 80+ hours a week have to do something different, because they just can’t keep on that way. Necessity breeds change.

And, it’s the reason why somebody that’s laid off from their job finally makes this internet business actually work for them. I am one of those people that was laid off from a job after 21 years because of the economy. Necessity has caused me to create a profitable business online…

It’s do-or-die, succeed or drown. Success for them…

What about for you?

Is this business optional for you? Is there any real urgency you’ve created to succeed?

The thing is, our brain doesn’t care if the urgency is real, or if we’ve just created it ourselves.

So, set deadlines for your online goals, set rewards and accountabilities. Ultimatums even.

Find a way to make taking action and succeeding an absolute necessity to you and your families welfare.

Because as Plato said, necessity is the mother of invention. And… it’s the mother of profit too!

Another thing that can help here is having a partner, or someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

So if you say that you want to earn $10,000 next month, they’ll hold you to the fire to get it done. To do whatever it takes to get there.

Coaches are great for this.

The thing is though, that coaches are out of the reach for many people. It can cost $500 a month on the low end to $25,000+ a month on the high end for coaching.

With the MTTB System right now, you get a top coach (6-7 figure earners in their own right), there to help, train, and hold you accountable to succeed and take things to the next level.


There’s no better or faster way to profit online right now than to take advantage of this generous offer and amazing system. Don’t let necessity rule your life. Take action now! Remove necessity from your life…

Tell ’em I sent ya. ; )

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