Futuristic Marketing and How To Create Your First Capture Page

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, there is a new sheriff in town called “Futuristic Marketing.”

Futuristic Marketing is Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson’s latest and greatest creation…

I purchased this course when the launch first started back on July 25th, I was actually one of the first 100 people to get this awesome online marketing tool…

If you have not gotten your copy yet, I would recommend doing so as soon as possible because the gates will be slamming shut at noon Eastern on August 1st.

I can personally tell you that you will kick yourself in the a$$, shoot yourself in the foot, or even jump off a roof if you don’t get this during the Grand Opening where you can get this complete system and all of my bonuses worth over $40,000 at the Futuristic Marketing Founding members low one-time cost…

Don’t wait until this system comes out again and I am sure it will but at a price at least 4 times what it is now. I have a sneak peek into exactly what is in this course right here.

One of the functions of this course is a Perfect Capture Page Generator Here is a video showing you just how easy it is to build your own capture page with this one tool inside of Futuristic Marketing


Check out the following link to see the finished copy of the capture page I generated, as you cane see by the length of the video above in under 14 minutes and that was while creating the video and demonstrating it.

Click Here to see the finished capture page. You can order from this page as well… Oh and watch the video on this capture page to get the insiders scoop on Futuristic Marketing and what else is inside…

Are you still on the fence and have not decided to get Futuristic Marketing yet?

  • Is one of your biggest problems online ‘Getting Traffic’? Then your problem will be solved with the lead generating system ‘Futuristic Traffic’ inside…
  • Okay, now your getting traffic, but how do you convert them into paying customers? Another one of your problems solved with the ‘Futuristic Influence’ course inside…
  • One of the most common problems I have found that people have is, “How do i create my own capture page?” Answer: With your own ‘Lead Capture Page Machine’ inside…
  • What are you waiting for? The answers to your problems are just one click away…
  • Futuristic Marketing is your answer to these issues and more…


Build your own capture page just like this one above using the Futuristic Marketing software included. This is one of the things this system will allow you to do almost automatically just by entering a little information as you can see from the video. The capture page you are seeing when you click on the link above was created from the Futuristic Marketing software…

Futuristic Marketing

After you have watched that video, go ahead and enter your name and email in the boxes and get your copy before it is too late. Shopping cart closes precisely at noon Eastern on August 1st. Here’s a secret, “I have heard Jonathan Budd say that he may bring this product back out in 60-90 days, but it will probably be at a $1,997.00 price…?

If it was me, I would not take that chance. I would order NOW! Click the link right below…


I am in a contest to see who can share this product with the most people and yes, I am earning a commission for doing this…

But, this is such an awesome product as I’m sure you have seen by now if you watched the two videos in this post… I would feel I had done you a major inservice if I did not try to market this to you…!

So, let’s kill two birds with one stone so to speak… Go watch the sneak peek video on my capture page and the video above… then get your order in today and help me get to #1 in the contest I am in for the launch of Futuristic Marketing at the same time…

Oh, I almost forget to tell you about the awesome bonuses I have for you when you purchase from my capture page right here: http://virgilcook.com/futuristic-marketing

…And don’t forget you get all of my bonuses when you order from here too… Over $40k plus in free stuff… See them all here:


Don’t be sorry! Don’t put yourself in a position where you will kick yourself in the a$$, shoot yourself in the foot, or even jump off a roof if you don’t get this during the Grand Opening of Futuristic Marketing where you can get this complete system and all of my bonuses worth over $40,000 at the Founding members low one-time cost… Just click on this link and order Futuristic Marketing NOW!

Futuristic Marketing

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