How To Avoid Getting “Stuck”

I was watching the news last winter, when I saw a report out of Chicago. If you don’t remember, Chicago had a B.R.U.T.A.L winter last year. And that’s saying something. Because Chicago is kinda known for having tough winters. But this one was one for the ages.

On one particularly brutal afternoon, it snowed so hard that traffic stopped on the legendary Lake Shore Drive expressway.

  • And rather than get stuck in the storm, people were turning off their cars, getting out and, walking away.
  • They just left their cars right in the middle of the highway.
  • Hundreds of them.

It was quite a sight.

And it reminded me of online marketing programs.

You see, there are lots of programs out there that claim to teach you how to make money online. They charge you a couple of hundred bucks (maybe WAY more!), then they send you “everything you need to make money online”.

Unfortunately, almost everyone who buys these “everything you need” programs, eventually gets STUCK somewhere. Something they don’t quite understand. Some thorny unanswered question that halts their progress.

  • So they stop.
  • And bail out.
  • And move onto the next one.

They leave those “everything you need to make money online” vehicles stuck on Lake Shore Drive in the snow along with all the other programs they have tried in the past!

That’s why iPAS 2’s personal coaches are so revolutionary. Your iPAS 2 coach is a tow truck who comes along when you get stuck.

Your coach gives you the push you need to get unstuck and move to the next level of online success.

So, you make it through the snowstorm, and on your way to financial freedom and the lifestyle you desire!

Are you stuck?

Try iPAS 2 and get the push you need!

Check it out here.


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