corporateHow To Avoid A Meaningless – Corporate Life

There are lots of ways to live a sad, depressing, meaningless life. Not that you’d want that. But let’s just be real; we’re surrounded by miserable people.

Maybe you know some. Maybe you are one. Stuck. Caught between what you want to do and what you have to do…

Sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate:

  • being burnt out.
  • Stressed.
  • Forgot how to be happy.
  • Having difficulty finding pleasure in the little things of life.
  • No time to spend with the people you love.

While there are many ways to make yourself miserable… here’s the best of them:

  • Work for corporate.
  • There’s no better way to drain yourself of motivation, health, and happiness than to sell your soul to the cold, massive machine that is corporate.

Maybe that’s not news to you.

So why is corporate so good at sucking the life out of you?

I’ll spare you the 100 page essay.

Here’s just a few, quick points:

  • In corporate, no one cares about what you think.
  • You’ve got an opinion?
  • Great! Save it. Until it dies.
  • Maybe you haven’t heard: everyone knows better than you.
  • No one wants to hear it.
  • You can forget about making a meaningful difference in the company.
  • That’s the kind of thing a recent college grad would try to do.

In corporate, at least 50% of your job is to do the stuff that no one else wants to do. You thought you were being hired for that thing you want to do? The thing you’re good at? That’s pretty funny! I don’t know why you would’ve thought that. You’re here to do what you’re told. And you’re told to do the stuff that no one else wants to do.

In corporate, no one’s looking out for you. Dog eat dog. Only way to win is to get to the top. Only way to get to the top is to do politics, live for others, and sell your soul. Oh, and once you get to the top, things get worse. More pressure, less time, still living for others, and you don’t get your soul back. Stick it out until retirement. That’s your best shot.

I could go on. But I don’t think I need to.

The point: corporate is great. At sucking the life out of you. But there’s good news amongst all the gloom and doom:

You don’t have to work for corporate.

You can work for yourself. Do your own thing.



IPAS 2 is a step-by-step system that teaches you how to do just that. Each step takes you a bit closer to a sustainable income. From a source that isn’t corporate.

One of the reasons why IPAS 2 works for inexperienced people is that it pairs you with an experienced coach. Someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who’s already making 6 or 7 figures in the industry.

So here’s the deal. It’s $47 to sign up for IPAS 2.

So you’ve got nothing to lose. And everything to gain.

…or you could try corporate.corporate

Maybe if you keep plugging away, you can craft a decent existence in corporate.

Or maybe that’s just a pipe dream. But it’s your life. To do with as you please.

My suggestion?

Stop dreaming.

Get started working towards the life you want:



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