How Do You Know Who To Trust?

From marketing to politics and government, to global climate and everything else under the sun, there’s always some “expert” on that subject.

I can GUARANTEE you that if Google or FB released some new feature (think G+, FB Ads, Twitter PPC etc.), there will be some expert within DAYS teaching you how to profit and use it.

Can you really be an expert in DAYS?

Well, the term expert is relative from one guy to the next, but the easy answer is NO.

With this mass influx of “experts”, it’s led to a massive, global distrust of these so-called pros that we can trust and rely on.

And it’s even worse in our little online marketing and business community.

ANYONE can write a book or release a course within hours or days.

Then, the perceived thought is, well, that they are an EXPERT!

  • How do we get around this?
  • How do we know who to trust?


  • We look past the surface.
  • We need to look at the FACTS.
  • Words are cheap, appearances mean very little.
  • SHOW ME the proof.
  • That’s where it’s at.

Of course, the best way is to simply do something and prove it for yourself.

Trust is one of the reasons I like to recommend the iPAS 2 System to my select friends.

You can completely do all of your own due diligence, and getting a coach and started with the system is EXTREMELY cheap.

Once you’re inside of your members area, you’ll receive solid proof that what you’re getting asked to do, indeed makes sense, and WILL WORK for you.

Watching this iPAS 2 System presentation:

iPAS 2 SystemYou’ll see case studies of people from all walks of life, making their first small commission, their first $1, and… their first million with this exact system that you now have access to.

‘Tis awesome.

Catch ya later,







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