phone call   Have you ever received a phone call like this one?

I received a phone call a couple nights ago and I wanted to see if this is the kind of marketing you are doing or is this the kind of marketing you are being subjected to?

I am going to recreate the dialogue from the phone call that I received a couple of nights ago, but before I do I want to explain to you what kind of relationship I have with the caller. This person, I will call him Bob (yeah I know Bob gets blamed for everything, but he also gets some credit once in awhile. I will use Bob because it is very hard to misspell his name).

Bob responded to one of my advertising campaigns and since I have marketing funnels built into my campaigns, Bob was entered into my autoresponder and started receiving the information he had requested.

Bob had only received about 10 emails from my autoresponder and probably a couple of my email broadcasts by the time he made the call. Bob and I had not had any prior person to person contact before Bob decided to contact me by phone other than one email he had sent me asking about “how was the best way to organize all of the stuff that comes into our inboxes?”

I had responded to Bob’s email as best I could with the small amount of information he had given me. Then a couple of days later as I was relaxing on the couch winding down from the days’ activities, the phone rang…

“So now you have a little background of how well Bob and I knew each other, I will take you through the conversation we had as best I can remember. One thing I want you to do for me while you are reading this is, pay attention and let me know if this sounds familiar to you at all, and let me know at what point your attitude may have changed towards Bob and his XYZ Company.

I would appreciate it if you could relate to me what your thoughts and feelings are as you read through this, in the comments box at the bottom of this post. If you are ready now to hear about this conversation I had with Bob, calling me right out of the blue without trying to schedule an appointment or anything…”

Here we go…

The phone rang: Ring! Ring! Ring! (this is my custom ringtone, lol)

Virgil: Hello…

Bob: Hi is this Virgil, this is Bob Bailey?

Virgil: Oh yeah Bob, how are you doing?

Bob: I am doing fine, how about you?

Virgil: I am doing great…how may I be of service to you Bob?

Bob: Have you ever heard of XYZ Company?

Virgil: No I can’t say that I have Bob…

Bob: Well my wife was with this other company and she was one of the top performers in this company and she made millions of dollars…(goes on and on for awhile about his wife’s accomplishments…and how she made millions…)

Virgil: That’s great Bob…

Bob: My wife was making millions at this other company and she had a massive team and she just walked away from this other company to join XYZ Company…

Virgil: Really!

Bob: Yes, she just walked away from millions of dollars and a huge team and we have only been with this XYZ company now for about 9 weeks but we are already making about $6,000.00 a month…

Virgil: Really!

“Have any questions popped up yet as to why would she even look at another opportunity if she was already making millions with her current company?”

Bob: Yes, and Virgil I can tell you from reading your emails and all of the great content and knowledge you share in your emails, that I know this XYZ Company would be perfect for you.

Virgil: Well I am not interested in any kind of MLM or company where I have to sell products, etc.

Bob: If you are not interested in an MLM company then what do you like to do Virgil?

Virgil: I am an online marketing coach and trainer and I like helping people create a better future for themselves and their families on the Internet.

Bob: Have you ever been with an MLM company?

Virgil: Yes, I have been involved with one company since 2007, but I did not like the selling so I have not done very much with this company for awhile. I do not like selling small products for small commissions…I did however just recently sign up with a company that markets higher ticket things where I can generate $1,000.00 commissions.

Bob: What company is that?

Virgil: It is a high end membership company, not an MLM company with a lot of small products to sell…

Bob: I know that this XYZ Company would be a perfect fit for you…

Virgil: Bob I told you I am not interested in any kind of MLM company with small products and small commissions…

Bob: Well we do not sell small products for small commission, but Virgil this company would be a perfect fit for you. You and I would be great as a team. You and me together. I can see you easily making $200,000.00 a year right away. Doesn’t that sound good Virgil?

Virgil: I am sure that would be great but like I said Bob, I am not interested in selling products, I am interested in helping others learn how to market online through coaching…

Bob: My wife is a professional coach and has made millions coaching others, Virgil This XYZ Company would be such a perfect fit for you. I will send you a link where you can go to sign up for this XYZ Company and we can work together as a team…

“Have you noticed a shift in my attitude towards Bob’s XYZ Company. I am going more towards the ”I would not look at this company now for any amount of money” attitude.”

Let me know in your comments when you started to shift away from Bob’s Company because at this point Bob is really only selling me. He is no longer being a friend trying to offer me something that will help me in some way”

Virgil: I’ll tell you what Bob, I am really busy right now. Shoot me a link in an email and I will take a look at it, but I will tell you again that I am not really interested in any new opportunities right now.

Bob: Ok, I will send you a link and follow up with you on it.

Virgil: Great Bob, you do that and you have a great night! Goodbye…

Bob: Goodbye!

Click…I hang up the phone…


Does this sound familiar to you? Have you had to go through the same kind of situation because you did not want to be rude and hang up on someone? What would you have done different in this kind of situation?

When you get on the phone with someone, it should all be about what you can do for them. What are the benefits that the customer will get when they join your XYZ Company? How will this company help them achieve their goals and dreams.

The first thing Bob should have done is start out by asking me some questions about what are some of the things I might like, my dreams, what my best day would look like, etc. What are some hobbies I might have or activities I like to be involved in etc. Get to know me a little bit, share some small talk, build a relationship, and then tell me about the company and how it will benefit ME…not what his wife’s accomplishments are…

I don’t care what his wife did with this other company and made millions of dollars. Since I am a normal struggling online marketer or someone just getting started with the Internet, I would not have any idea why someone would quit one profitable business making millions, to start a new one. We don’t care about things like that. We are interested in what can it do for me and what are the benefits for me?

wasting timeWhy was Bob wasting so much time with what his wife could do, instead of explaining to me how, not only the company was going to help me, but how was Bob going to help me as well. After all didn’t Bob say we were going to be a team?

After this call and so many just like it before, I just had to write this and see what your opinions are. What do you do when someone calls you like this? How would you have handled this call differently? Is this the way you were taught and don’t know any other way?

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I need your help. If you could leave your answers and responses to my questions in the comment box at the bottom of this post and let me know what you would have done. Also, tell me what you would have done different if you were me, or if you were Bob? I am interested in both sides of this conversation, so leave your comments below.


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