HackedHas your to do list been HACKED?

I’d like you to think from a different perspective today…

When you go to your inbox each day, what drives you there?

For most people, it’s discovery. It’s the thought of a great opportunity. It’s the fear that they’re going to miss out on something.

I’d say that’s the vast majority, and so this valuable tool called email becomes the master, instead of YOU being the master of it!

Think about this…

Email is OTHER peoples daily agenda.

XYZ email writer says ‘hey, I need to write an email to my subscribers today to ______________ (sell them something, tell them about my new product, blog post,

Writing that email was on their to-do list. Reading it though?… Well, it was likely not on yours.

It’s been said that email is your to-do list that other people can write on.

And it’s true. Email controls many peoples days and it’s holding people back from seeing success. It’s a MAJOR stumbling block, yet most are still searching, looking for some other elusive secret.

You should jealously guard your time. You should be militant about it.

And controlling what goes through your email, and when you go to your inbox is critical.

The email message today is simple:

  • FOCUS.
  • That’s it…

This business truly isn’t too difficult. You just have to set-up the right environment for success and avoid being an ‘opportunity seeker’.

HackedBeing an opportunity seeker is the equivalent of filling out 25 job applications every day, going through the interviewing process, getting hired…

But instead of showing up, you just repeat that process again, day in and out.

  • You wouldn’t expect to see any success or maintain any type of sanity that way right?
  • You need a rock solid offer.
  • You need enough prospects that want that offer.
  • And you need to convert those prospects into a sale.

Reside in that space, create some time to really think through this process and see how you can add value to others and lead them to a no-brainer sale…

And you’ll be well on your way to a massively profitable business.

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Have a great day,







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