Financial Freedom Through Cutting Off Thumbs?

In his insightful book, The Gift of Adversity, Norman E. Rosenthal, MD., tells the story of making paper clowns in his first grade class in South Africa.

The children were instructed to color a construction paper clown with crayons, cut out the clown’s body parts with scissors, then fasten the arms, head, and legs to the body with metal fasteners. Then you could move the limbs up and down to make the clown do jumping jacks.

Norman’s fine motor skills were not as developed as those of his classmates. And he soon realized that if he tried to cut the clown the way he had been instructed, he would not get the project completed as fast as the other children.

So he decided, rather than try to make the difficult, small movements of cutting around the thumbs of the clowns hand… he would simply cut off the thumbs.

Problem solved. He completed the project and the teacher didn’t even notice the missing thumbs.

What does this have to do with your online success?

Quite a bit actually.

Many online entrepreneurs are simply not adept at certain skills required for online success.

  • Building websites and landing pages
  • Creating products
  • Developing high-priced, high-profit offers that convert
  • Phone sales
  • Warehousing products
  • Customer support
  • Packaging and Shipping

But they insist on “cutting around the thumbs”. And they fall further and further behind.

But the smart online entrepreneurs have learned how to “cut off the thumbs” and have someone else do all the things they are not good at.

That’s the way iPAS 2 works.

iPAS 2 allows you to cut off the thumbs. They do all the heavy lifting. You just drive traffic to a proven, high-converting offer.

And iPas 2 even helps you with that traffic and gives you personal coaching.

Are you still trying to cut around the thumbs?

Cut them off, keep up with the savviest online entrepreneurs, and achieve your dreams faster with iPAS 2.

Check it out here

cutting off thumbs

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