fail-proofFail-Proof way to get results…

I was just checking a few sites that lists upcoming product launches for J.V.’s to get more info on to decide whether to promo or not…

And after just a few minutes, I can see hundreds of launches that will be coming ‘to an Inbox near you’ through the next couple of months.

These launches just never stop! (And several I see are run by some serious hucksters…yikes!)

fail-proofAnd I’ll tell you what else keeps flowing into our minds everyday:

  • More emails promoting the next shiny object, though you can clearly see it just benefits the marketer, NOT YOU…
  • Facebook posts and updates never stop coming in…
  • Tweets…
  • Blog Posts…
  • New books…
  • New podcasts…
  • Insert a million other things!…

It’s like the game Tetris, all this stuff keeps coming down, non-stop, and you’re stuck scrambling, trying to fit all the pieces into your day as they keep coming in.

And if you are doing this, likely you reach the end of your days realizing you didn’t really get anything done at all that you set out to do.

The noise, the distractions, the game of online Tetris destroyed all of that for you… It destroyed all of your chances of success.

  • The Cure?
  • Stop playing that Game!
  • Seriously.

Clear that slate. Don’t get distracted by all the noise, you won’t profit online going down that route. And, you’ll feel way better, you’ll have so much more clarity when you decide enough is enough!

And here’s a little more specific help with this:

  • Treat it like a Game. If you literally wanted to play Tetris, Angry Birds, Call of Duty, whatever… you know you can’t play it all day long, or you’d be homeless or unhappy and unfulfilled…
  • So, you likely enjoy that only during a set time during the day. Maybe an 1 hr. before you go to bed, on your lunch break, or while your taking care of business. 😉
  • Anywho, you want to treat your email and other distractions like this. Do not, I repeat DO NOT start your day by going to your email, checking FB, catching up on blog posts, or any of that.
  • And most definitely don’t do it ‘Throughout’ the day either. (That puts you back in the Tetris cycle.)
  • Set a *Specific Time* in the afternoon to do this. What you’ll find is you’ll get massive clarity, and you’ll be able to shave 2-6 hrs. off of your day by checking out all of this stuff in one 30-60 minute chunk, all at the same time, in the afternoon of evening.

fail-proofSeriously, it’s crazy how powerful this is. Game-changer stuff.

Chunk all of these activities together, and then go through them at a specific time each day.

The next thing you’ll need to know is what to do with all this extra time and clarity on your hands each day! Well, how about building up a real business that simply works?

With clarity and time now on your hands, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start getting some serious results.

The MTTB System is the most powerful way to accomplish this. You get a proven system, a coach, a full team behind your back, and you get the opportunity to earn high ticket commissions.

Yep. You don’t get just the typical $17-$97 commissions that most partners offer their peeps.

We share the big stuff with you, to the tune of $1k, $3k, and $5k commissions.

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Reread this post, let it sink in, and let’s get you profitable and productive so you can start achieving all of your goals and dreams, cool?

And again, it’s super important that you just don’t implement this strategy of clearing your slate and freeing up your time each day, because if you don’t have something important to fill in that free time you’ll now have, if you don’t know step by step what to do everyday, you’ll just go back to the old way of things again.

And I don’t want that for you.

That’s where MTTB comes in!

Hope this helps,






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