Ex Apple Employees Reveal Secret…

Apple employee asking to be promoted to manager:

Boss: “Did you get a good sleep last night?”

Employee: “Yes, pretty good!”

Boss: “Good, because that’s the LAST good night’s sleep you’re going to get.”

Here’s how work typically goes for an Apple employee, according to two former head honchos there. And, the HIGHER you are up the ladder, the more you must work.

  • Works Sundays, late.
  • Gets only 3-4 hours of sleep per night.
  • Aggravated if sends email out at 1 am and a quick reply is not sent back by employee.
  • Always has to be ON.
  • All vacations must answer calls and respond to emails right away…

Here’s the thing, most all of these people, LOVE what they do.

They’re workaholics.

Psychotic, brilliant people, according to these guys.

This same type of mentality and “work ethic” can very easily happen in our businesses as well.

This internet business is FUN!

And oftentimes, it doesn’t feel like work.

It reminds me of famous adman Claude Hopkins.

He was making millions from his advertising way back when making millions was a LOT of money.

(It’s still not a bad number to hit right?)

Part of his success he accredits not at all to talent, but that he worked twice as much as anybody else.

  • 7 days a week.
  • Past midnight nearly every night.
  • It. Was. His. Life.

Here’s my tip:

  • Don’t let that be you!
  • Life isn’t just about work and being on the top.
  • It’s also about family, friends, actually HAVING A LIFE outside of work.

Of course I’m not one to judge or tell you how to live your life, these are just my thoughts.

But the more you become successful online, the easier it can be to want to get to 6 figures, then 7 figures, then 8, and before you know it, it CONSUMES your every thought and action.

So thinking this stuff out now, can help you to maintain balance in your life and keep what’s important, IMPORTANT.

Now, you see me talking here in past tense a bit, like without a doubt, you will be wildly successful in this business.

And that’s because I’m 100% confident that ‘if’ you follow this system, just like I do, then you WILL be successful.


Follow the steps.

If you want to work 24/7, around the clock? Fine. You’ll likely be 2-3 times more successful, 2-3 times faster.

This isn’t always bad, especially in the “Launch Phase” of your business. It’s actually quite important to bust a move and get knowledgable and profitable ASAP.

But after that, know when to turn back the knob a bit and take the time to enjoy your newfound success.


Remember WHY you’re getting into this business in the first place.

If it’s just to make millions, cool. You can definitely do that.

But if it’s for the lifestyle, to provide for your family AND do amazing things, then keep that lifestyle target in mind as you continue to grow in your profits.



















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