Empower Network: How To Install A Video Into Your Blog Post

I have been using this method of creating clickable pictures for quite some time and I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it with videos before?

As anybody knows that is a part of Empower Network, we have had some kind of security issues that do not allow us to upload videos to our Empower Network blog posts.

Never fear, a SOLUTION is here.

I have created a short 5 minute video walking you through the steps for uploading a video, a picture, or most any type of media into your Empower Network blog post.

But, it does not even have to be an Empower Network blog, it can be any WordPress blog for that matter.

Go here now and check out this video that has been installed into this post using the method I will explain in this video…


Empower Network



If you have been stressing out over not being able to upload videos into your Empower Network blog…?

Well destress yourself by watching this short, less than 5 minute video tutorial that will walk you step-by-step through this ultra simple process. You can do this with pictures as well.

You can make your picture clickable to any website or page that you want. All you need is the url…

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Leave me your comments and let me know if this video helped relieve your stress and also if it gave you a new concept for making it possible to upload in a whole new way? “Empower Network: How To Install A Video Into Your Blog Post”. It works for me, now let me know if it works for you too…








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