Empower Network and W.T.S. Jumpstart Lead System Review

I am going to give you a review of Empower Network and then I am going to introduce you to a new lead system called W.T.S. Jumpstart. The W.T.S. stands for Walk The Stage in case you were wondering. You will learn how WTS will help you with your marketing success and help you create leads for your Empower Network opportunity.

Empower Network has only been on the Internet marketing scene for slightly over 3 weeks total online. Empower Network has not done a physical hard launch yet. They just showed up online and right away start burning up the record books. As of yesterday 11/24/11 Thanksgiving Day, 3 weeks after hitting the bricks, Empower Network reached $1,000,000.00 paid out in commissions to its members.

That is awesome! I signed up a little over a week ago at the Basic option for $25.00 and instantly realized how beneficial it would be to sign up for the Inner Circle membership for $100.00. The basic membership is awesome, but by being a leader, I wanted to get more information, training, and benefits, that are available in the Inner Circle membership. I also believe in leading by example…

Empower Network utilizes a huge blogging platform to help individuals, whether they are absolute beginners or seasoned veterans, create more instant traffic and awareness. Since I signed up a little over a week ago to Empower Network, the traffic coming to my personal blog has almost doubled, and that is not including the traffic and exposure I am getting from my Empower Network blog.

Yes, you have a completely installed ready-to-go blog immediately after signing up. All you need to do from there is start blogging, by creating content and publishing it to your new Empower Network blog. If you already have a blog, you can use some of the content from your own personal blog as content for your Empower Network blog to get you started.

In my opinion Empower Network would be an awesome opportunity for anyone, but especially the absolute beginner, because they would save days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years on getting there blog up and performing at even a profitable position. With Empower Network You get that immediately, but there is much more than that. Click here to get more information regarding Empower Network.

Now for the main reason I am writing this post. To introduce you for the first time I am sure because it is still in beta testing mode. What I am talking about is a new lead system called W.T.S. Jumpstart. Watch my video below and then read the rest of this post for a little more clarification on how this new lead system will benefit you with a company, business, or product that you want to create leads with…




Now that you have watched my video you most likely saw that WTS was created to be wrapped around any product, company, or business. Since we are still in the beta stage it is being constructed using the above mentioned Empower Network as the company of choice to test this system and make sure that it is working properly.

Empower Network is also the best choice right now to generate instant income when using this system as instructed. We are still accepting pre-qualified beta tester if you would be interested in giving this a go. You would not only be helping us fine tune the system, but you would be putting yourself into a position of having the opportunity to earn an awesome income from Empower Network.

So you say “why should I sign up to beta test your WTS system instead of signing up directly with Empower Network”? I say go ahead and sign up but you will be missing out on a step-by-step method of creating leads and most importantly a method of training your down line the easiest and best way to create new leads, just by using the system.

The system is made up of four phases and some incredible bonuses. When you are approved as a beta tester, you will start receiving each phase of the system in the order that they have been designed to work the absolute best for you. You will not be able to move onto the next phase until you have finished your current phase and that phase has been checked and verified by your sponsor as being done properly.

As you move through each phase you will be given more training for different areas of marketing your wrapped company, product, or business. In this case the wrapped company is Empower Network. As soon as you have moved through all of the phases you only have to rinse and repeat. You just keep rinsing and repeating, over and over again, constantly improving each time you have completed all of the phases. By this time I would guess that you are seeing some amazing results.

I am only on my third day of using the system and have already had some amazing results. And take it from someone that has tried at least a couple thousand dollars on different products and systems during my time online, this is one of the best I have found. And it is still in beta stage…!

If you are ready to join Empower Network directly or have decided to join us as a beta tester, here is what you need to do. To get signed up and pre-qualified as a beta tester follow these instructions:

W.T.S. Jumpstart Beta Tester Pre-qualification – To pre-qualify, send me an email to vcook1956@gmail.com with “YES I WANT TO PLAY” in the subject line and I will get you started right awy.

To sign up directly into Empower Network click on this link:

Empower Network Direct Sign up

For more information on Empower Network click on this link: http://virgilcook.com/empower

Be sure to leave me your comments and when you have completed your first set of phases, leave me a testimonial here as well.










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