This is about Empower Network and Virgil Cook. What I have found this company to be so far.

First of all I only signed up about five days ago and at that time there was a massive rush of people falling over each other to join. If you have participated in any launches before, you know what happens when the doors open and everyone tries to get in all at once, to be the first in line.

Well, the shocking truth was that it was not even a launch, but just releasing of the Buzz about this company opening its doors for commissions being paid out directly to your bank account. not being totally true when you first sign up, but there is a good reason for that as I will explain in a minute.

To continue, this was not an official launch and at the last update that I received this morning, the company will reach a milestone of $1,000,000.00 in commissions paid out today after only having the doors open for 14 days. Now that is something that I am not sure I have ever heard of another company doing before.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for someone, a beginner just coming out of the gate, someone that has not created a blog yet, doesn’t know anything about marketing or SEO, or even the master marketer can benefit from this company…

You can just sign up and within a few minutes will have a complete blog installed and setup with all the tools that a person needs right at your fingertips, including a site that is already SEO optimized for whatever topic you choose.

Training videos available to help you get started blogging on your first day. You will be able to get started in three easy steps and once you have signed up you will find eight lessons in your back office to explain everything you need to know. Go through each lesson in the order they are listed and you will be off and running in no time at all. I think it took me a total of maybe two hours or less to get through all of the lessons and was on my way…

100% commissionsNow I said I would explain about the commissions. It is true that everyone is paid commissions, but in the very beginning you are required to pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th people that you sponsor, to your upline. This really is a good thing!

Let me explain. What better way to keep your sponsor tied to your results. In other words, it is in your sponsors best interests to stay involved and help YOU become successful and teach you the many different ways to market and create more traffic online.

That is a good thing and yes your give up four out of your first 8 players, but then you gain multiple amounts of players in the end that are passed up from the people that are sponsored by others below you. Then you will share what you have learned…it goes on and on in that pattern increasing your income with every addition to your team.

I would like to share an email from David Sharpe, the Co-founder of Empower Network and an amazing story. After you read this story, check out the bonuses I have to offer you if you sign up from the links in this post…

Here is the email and David’s story:


Now This take guts…

Several years ago my friend Dave Wood was in a nature food store grabbing a quick bite to eat when….

….the sparkle glimmering off the face of a girl caught his attention and consumed him almost instantly.

She was sitting with another man – obviously her boyfriend – enjoying lunch and good conversation.

David felt his chest tighten up.

Emotion rushed through his veins.

A compelling urge inside him made it impossible to walk out the door of the store without saying something to her.

So he mustered up the guts to walk over…and at the very last minute, he swerved, and walked away.

“Wussie” he muttered to himself.

He started to walk back over and again – at the last minute, he swerved.

Sweat puddled up in his hands and started to bead on his forehead.

His chest was pounding.

The wrinkled dress shirt he had on started to stick to his back as his temperature rose and his heart pounded harder.

“Screw it!” he exclaimed.

He walked strait over and said… “I know you two are together, and I don’t mean to be rude…but I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world…”

To his surprise, she said….

“We’re not together…”

“He’s just a friend.”

A short period of time later, they were married.

Everyday people walk away from situations that could be a defining moment in their lives.

Empower Network has put all it’s energy into helping you seize yours.

Almost $1,000,000 has been paid to the people in huge 100% commissions from our products in the last 14 days.

Lives are being dramatically altered as you read this email.

Businesses marketing is being simplified.

Sometimes in life, you have to realize, you only get one shot…and you have to seize the moment.

Because you can never get it back.

It only takes one decision to change everything.

Don’t be a wussy.

Do what they said you couldn’t.

Say what they said you wouldn’t.

Stand up and decide today…

I want 100% commissions.

I’m ready to make a difference.

I’m ready to breakthrough.

I’m tired of settling for less.

I want to make a difference in someone’s life and give them the gift that keeps on giving.

The Empower Network (click here and join)

You can do all that, right here, right now…in the Empower Network for only $25.

And we’re not even going to sell it to you.

You can have it all for only $25.

See Everything For Yourself And Then Join Here:

Join Empower Network Right Now Here:

I’ll meet you on the ‘inside’.

– David Sharpe
En Co-Founder


I think that story is so sweet. We should all be so lucky that it would be so easy to hook up with our soul mates…

The story is true and the opportunity is true as well. It can happen faster with some than others, but in my opinion it is possible for everyone…

Here is my BONUS offer for you:

First Bonus: For the first 10 people to sign up using the links in this post will get 15 minutes of one-on-one coaching with me free to orient them with this new opportunity and plan a course of action. ($47.00 value)

Second Bonus: Those first 10 people that continue their membership for 6 months will get another 15 minutes of one-on-one coaching with me free each month to discuss their plans and to work directly with me to expand your business into other areas of marketing… ($282.00 value)

My message to you is to get signed up right away to get these awesome bonuses for only $25.00. You will be getting $329.00 worth of bonuses if you are one of the first 10 to get signed up now. This is a no brainer…even if it takes a little while to get the ball rolling, you are still in profit right out of the gate with these bonuses in your basket of gifts.

Get signed up right now to get your bonuses and start your journey to possibly earning your first dime online. The personal one-on-one coaching is only the beginning of what you will receive by joining me…

Sign up now and I will see you on the inside.

I can’t wait to send you the link to sign up for your first free coaching call and to say Congratulations you are one of the first 10 people to sign up and receive these bonuses…

Join Now right here…


“Secret Bonus Video Reveals The Insider Formula To Insure Your 

Business Succeeds”

















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