Easy 5 Step Formula For Success…

Today, I want to briefly outline a simple 5 step formula for success, plus the ONE KEY INGREDIENT.

This one key ingredient is one that most people miss.

And, it’s the one the gurus almost never talk about.

(‘Tis very hush hush…)

The 5 Step Formula For Success:

STEP 1: Offer a free gift. The free gift should be VALUABLE.

Doesn’t have to be big, in fact quite the opposite.

Yet, the person should feel like they just got $97 or more in value out of it. It should help solve a problem they have, or, it should give them something they want and will use.

Do a little brainstorming and market research.

It’s not hard, you just gotta do it.

STEP 2: People will enter their email address to get the free gift.

Here, all you have to do is GIVE IT TO THEM!

* Don’t make them jump through a bunch of hoops. Simply give them what you said you would right away. Easy.

*Providing an unannounced bonus as well, is always something your new members will appreciate.

STEP 3: Deliver Valuable Email Newsletters.

At this point, you’ve provided them with something great, and here you keep on stacking up the VALUE.

You simply send out entertaining, valuable, non-spammy emails every day or so.

Over time, these people will begin to know, like, and trust you more and more.

STEP 4: Recommend Products and Services that solve their big problems.

These may be products or opportunities you’ve used or are using. It may be something that you KNOW is what this person needs and wants.

They trust you, so your ‘honest’ recommendation will go a LONG WAY here. Screw them here by just trying to make a quick buck and you can kiss that customer goodbye.

And at this point, it’s not pushy or spammy at all. You’re simply recommending something from the position of their trusted advisor. They’ll appreciate you doing this as long as you’re on the up and up and do it right.

STEP 5: Rinse and Repeat!

You keep solving their problems, serving them, and providing amazing value. Never stop doing this.


Now, that doesn’t seem too difficult to do, right?

And the truth is, it’s NOT!!

Don’t make this business any harder than it needs to be.

Of course, you do want to have the right support structure in place for you to profit handsomely as well.

And, you want the right structure to offer the highest form of value for your tribe of leads and customers that will be on this list.

That’s what iPAS 2 System is about:


If you’ll pair the simple steps I’ve outlined above with the ipas 2 system in the link, then you’ll have a VERY lucrative, easy, and fun to run business on your hands.

The two go together like bread and butter, ebony and ivory, peanut butter and jelly…

…Uhm, by now, you get what I’m sayin’!














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