Donald Trumps hair isn’t the only thing that’s big…

His Deals are too. So there’s this concept called Transformation Value (TV) I’d like to talk to you
about. And simply put, Donald ‘get’s it’ totally.

I’ll talk about that in a second and why it’s so important that you understand it too, but first, I want you to think about the Trumps business model for a sec.

What type of deals does he do?

Is he selling teeny little houses making a few grand a pop here and there? Is that how he got wealthy?


His smallest deal today would be in the millions and likely most are up in the Billions…Per. Deal.

One Sale literally is making him a fortune. If he were selling like your local real estate agent, he’d still just be living paycheck to paycheck.

This is a higher level of thinking and it’s critical that you understand this online.

Because sadly, most affiliates and home business owners that I see are just getting by. One sale isn’t changing the game for them.

What is YOUR max transformation value ‘per sale’?

For most, it’s around $7.00-$197 max.

Now will 1 sale at $197 change your life drastically? Not likely. Not much transformation value there.

What about $9,000? Could you see just 1 $9,000 sale in your business having a massive impact on
your life? How about 1 a month? 1 a week? 1 a day?

Whatever you’re doing online, think, what’s the transformation value ‘per sale’ of me getting involved in this. This will help put you in the leagues of the top 1%er’s.

And that’s exactly what the MTTB System gives you the opportunity to do.

Many members are earning $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, and even $15,000 per sale. And they’re doing this on a regular basis.

You can totally do it too. Just pick up MTTB today, get inside and start getting your feet wet in the content.

Talk soon my friend,



Seriously, would you rather work for $5.00 an hr. or $500? People miss this concept online for some odd reason. Don’t let that be you! It’s a simple shift that requires NO EXTRA WORK, but will make a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

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