concordeConcorde – Why Time Isn’t Always Money

If you could do something that usually took 7 hours in only 3 would you do it?

Of course, right?

That was exactly the option people had with the Concorde jet.

The Concorde Jet was the first supersonic jet to carry commercial passengers.

It was so fast that it could travel from London to New York in only 3 hours while a regular passenger jet took 7.

But no one has seen a Concorde in the sky for over a decade. And even when they were flying few people ever bought a ticket to fly on one.

So what happened?

The Concorde’s speed couldn’t overcome all the complications that came with it.

For one thing, tickets were expensive. This was the jet of the future, and time is money after all.

It also burned 3 times the amount of fuel a regular passenger jet would which made it difficult to break even for airlines.

Lastly, it created supersonic booms when it broke the sound barrier and was extremely loud at take-off.

That means it was loud and annoying to anyone who was nearby when it was flying.

And that’s why the Concorde failed.

Despite how fast it was, all of its complications made it unpopular and unprofitable.

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Virgil Cook

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