Ever since I came online, I have heard the gurus say, “you need to have coaching and a mentoring if you want to achieve success.”

What is coaching? The definition in the dictionary is:Tutoring: instruction

What is mentoring? The definition of a mentor in the dictionary is: A wise counselor

So what is the difference between coaching and mentoring, and which do I really need, is what you should be asking yourself.


Because I found out the hard way, that it really does take coaching and mentoring to achieve success in a timely manner if at all…?

I wandered around for years, struggling all the way. It wasn’t until I found myself broke, in bankruptcy, and on the verge of losing my house to foreclosure. That is when I finally took their advice and got myself the coaching and mentoring I needed.

Without the coaching and mentoring I received I would still be out there, struggling…?

Coaching or Mentoring, which one do you need?

I say you need both coaching and mentoring, and let me explain why…?

Coaching You need a coach to show you the correct paths to take so you are not running around in circles and wasting a lot of time and money. A coach has studied the proper paths to take just like when you were going to school…

Did you start out in the fifth grade, then the eighth, then the first, etc.?

No, you started out with the first, second, third, fourth, etc.


Because there were teachers or coaches, that had figured out at some point this was the correct way to learn the fastest and provide the best learning experience.

Mentoring You also need a mentor! Why do you suppose I say that?

Yes that is correct, if you said, because a mentor has already been down all of the paths, made all the wrong choices… and now knows exactly which road, which path, and most importantly, which mistakes not to make…

In conclusion: If you want to find the quickest path to achieve your own success, then go out and find yourself a coach and a mentor to shortcut your journey and find that time and financial freedom you have been searching for.

I know once I decided to do just that, my successes started improving.

Here is a thousand dollar tip!

When choosing a coach and/or mentor, and they can both be the same person, be sure to go for the person that has the results, but more important than that…

Don’t go for the big name, be sure to choose someone that will actually be able to spend the time necessary with you…

That is more important than the person that has made millions and will not have two seconds to actually spend with you. Of course if you can afford their coaching fees, then you are probably already on your way anyway?

Have a great day and go find someone that you resonate with now and get started on the straight path to success













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