Can You Work Through The Dreaded “B” Word To Success?

When you first begin your online business, you’re full of excitement. Everything is new. You have your goals and ambitions and dreams of financial freedom at the top of your mind. You’re motivated and ready to roll.

Then, eventually it happens to everyone. The “B” word begins to pop up.

Sometimes it only takes a few days. Sometimes it takes a week. Sometimes a month.

But it always happens.

The “B” word is Boredom.

The path to every dream will eventually require a period of repetition, doing the same thing over and over, punching the clock, doing the stuff.

There’s no avoiding it.

If you want to lose weight, then you have to work out every day. And there will be days when your workout is boring. Probably a lot them.

If you want to write a book, then you have to write every day. And there will be days when writing is boring. Probably a lot of them.

Any dream worth pursuing will require days where the fulfillment of that dream seems a long way away, and the work required to achieve that dream will seem boring.

Count on it.

So, the question is… do you have what it takes to do the boring work required to reach your dreams?

Will you stick with it when everyone else would just find something more “exciting” to do?

If you’re the type of person that won’t give up when the inevitable “B” word hits, you may have what it takes to achieve financial success online.

And iPAS 2 is the best way to keep the boring days to an absolute minimum. In just a few short daily steps, you could be well on your way and earning up to $3000 commissions without having to do “boring” stuff like pick up the phone, build websites, ship product, or create offers.

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