You’ve Been Brainwashed. Today’s message is deep!

The reason why is, almost our entire world is currently brainwashed.

Give me a minute, & I’ll explain what I mean plus I’ll show you how to “un-brainwash”  yourself from this particular ‘washing’ so you think completely different about money, your success, & the abundance you will inevitably create in life.

So what is this “being brainwashed” I’m talking about today?

It’s called the “Illusion” of money, and how the vast majority of humans have completely forgotten the ancient SOURCE of our entire monetary system, which has led them to accepting table scraps when they could be claiming so much more for themselves.

Here’s the deal…

Our entire monetary system is actually based on the very ancient model of “Bartering”.

Way back when… how commerce worked was that…

1. You had something I needed/wanted.

2. I had to come up with something you needed/wanted.

People bartered to get the resources/things they needed and wanted.

And BARTERING revolves around finding what it is you have that is VALUABLE within yourself to offer the world.  In the barter system, the onus is on YOU to come up with something of value to offer the marketplace.

Whether it’s your skills, knowledge, abilities, or whatever else…you barter based on your OWN personal value/power.

Bartering FORCES people into developing value within themselves. It forces people into cultivating skill sets, abilities, knowledge, ideas, talents, and whatever else…

… so YOU cultivate that value within yourself to offer others.  If you didn’t cultivate that value, then you would be powerless.

You’d have nothing to barter with.

****Fast Forward to Today*****

People do NOT barter anymore. Rarely ever.

The entire world now just has ONE means of which we view our barter system…. money.

Barely anyone thinks, “what value can I create within myself”. Almost all anyone thinks about is… “I need to get money in order to barter”.

This is an ENTIRELY dis-empowering mindset beyond what you may realize at first glance.

When someone is of the mindset that “Money” is the ONLY way they are going to be able to barter in the world…

… All they think about is ‘how to get money’.

If someone offers you a job flipping stupid hamburgers… you take it. Because you think that the ‘money’ you get from that job is the actual RESOURCE you need for bartering.


Money is NOT the resource.  It’s the Symbol.

The resource is the SKILL/VALUE you’ve developed inside. Yet because most people aren’t aware they’re still actually “bartering”…

… The value/skills they develop inside are pathetic!!  They cookie cutter follow the mold in life, and get churned out of an education/factory system like widgets.

Jeez, no wonder the vast majority of the world lives in poverty. And why even in our first world countries… the middle class is disappearing and the poor are only getting poorer.

Everyone is fighting over puny TABLE SCRAPS of a brainwashed economic system.

You are not going to get ahead in life by thinking to yourself… “I need to get money”.

We’re still in a bartering system today my friends, yet the vast majority of the world has completely forgotten how to Barter.

The vast majority of the world will gladly sell themselves out, any day of the week to get a ‘little bit of money’…

… because they believe that, that money is what actually has the value.

They fail to realize that money is merely a symbol for bartering. And if you’re making very little money…

… It obviously means you have done a piss poor job at bartering. And a piss poor job at developing a true VALUABLE skill/asset within yourself that the world wants & is willing to pay for!

Listen closely…

Your ENTIRE world will change when you stop viewing this little green paper as the “resource” you need to get what you want in life.

It is simply UNTRUE.

That paper is just a symbol.

Stop being brainwashed. You NEED to see the monetary system for what it truly is… a BARTERING system.

In order to get good at making money, you need to RECLAIM your power to “BARTER”.

The best way to Barter… is to have “Goods/Services/Knowledge” that is exclusive & is of high value.

It then becomes very easy to trade that off for whatever you need/want in life.

If you stay “brainwashed” in the mindset that money is the resource. And your only power to barter is to work to get money…

… You will forever be used.  And trust me, most of the giant corporate wealth that’s been created on this planet is because of the “Masses” of this world trading themselves off for PEANUTS & table scraps.

Because they’ve been conditioned by society to believe that “Money” is what’s actually valuable.  When in reality, it’s just a symbol.


It’s your energy, your skills, your knowledge, your passion, your heart that’s valuable.

Stop trading it for peanuts.

Reclaim your value.  Re-learn how to Barter.

And constantly invest in GROWING your own skill sets & god given talents in life.

This is the sure fire way to get ahead in our economic system that is STILL based on Bartering… yet most people have forgotten & are under the delusion of “Money”.

If you want help to build your value, & increase your personal power in life, then attend this free online workshop now…

Trust me, there’s almost nothing as VALUABLE, as meaningful, & as important to get ahead in our world today as increasing your wisdom, self awareness, & skill sets.

These are the Long Forgotten qualities missing from our “Factory Educations” today.

If you don’t take the time to develop YOURSELF with these qualities on your own and stop being brainwashed… then you’ll forever be in that category of the masses which has been industrialized, & yet to claim their own true UNIQUE value to offer the world.

Like I said… I’m here to help…












Are you still being brainwashed or have you made the decision to not be like the masses and get back to bartering? Let me know what your ideas are on this lesson in the box below.



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