Do you know what a bird-dog is?

bird-dogIt’s important that you do because it can mean the difference between making pennies online, or you earning a literal fortune.

Let me explain…

A bird-dog is a dog like a Hound-dog or Labrador Retriever that is trained to hunt down, sniff out, track and pursue wild game and then bring the spoils back to its owner.

‘Good job boy!’, is about the only reward it gets.

Today there is even a slang way of using the phrase Bird-dogging…

It’s the stealing of another persons date, like at a party!

The other guy does all the hard-work, get’s the girl, gives her drinks, and the whole time the ‘bird-dog’ is in the shadows, waiting for the right time to make his move and take advantage of all your hard work.

He’s gonna steal your bird, now that’s a bird-dog.

Most unknowing affiliates and online marketers are falling victim to this exact thing every single day.

You see, most affiliates downright WORK HARD to get the lead, build the relationship, and get the sale.

They do all this grunt work. 99% of the hard stuff. And what do they see in return?

Tiny commissions.

That’s what.

The product owner knows that the money is NOT made on the front-end sale.

It’s not made on the OTO (one time offer) or anything in the initial funnel.

Those are all lead acquisition costs.

They know the real money is made on the back-end.

And the back-end profits are not shared by 99% of the marketers out there!

UNTIL NOW: Here’s a marketer that shares the back-end profits with you. In fact, YOU get the lions share of the profits:

Usually, you’re making pennies and they’re making millions.

In effect, you’re a bird-dog.

You attract the lead, you sniff it out, hunt it down, you pursue and nurture it until finally you get a hard and well-earned sale.

And just like the bird-dog, all you get is scraps. A ‘job well done’ and a few bucks for your time.

If I was you I would not play in that bird-dog world anymore!

The smart affiliate and business owner eventually realizes that this business works only when you have high ticket sales in your business to offer.

But like I said, most remain a bird-dog because nobody is sharing this stuff with them.

Check out this brief video:

It’ll give you the full rundown and will show you how to start getting huge commissions without hardly any extra effort on your part. Stop being a bird-dog…
‘Tis ninja.
Talk soon,




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