There are far too many people online that THINK they’ve actually done something when they haven’t done jack squat…

And what’s worse is that they think that makes them some guru, or hero to come in and save the day from other people about to make the same ‘mistake’ as them.

This really get’s my blood boiling.

And then when you check out and ask what they’ve *actually* done?…


Some never even go through chapter one, or module 1 of a course, but they’ll scoff and blast to the world that it doesn’t work.

Of course it doesn’t work, if you don’t DO the work!

The elite few of this tribe of goober-heads actually do take action, but they’re too results focused.

They’ll literally take one action, maybe they’ll buy a solo ad, or they set up a FB ad, maybe they shoot one Youtube video…

Whatever it is, I’ve seen people get peeved when they’re not getting results within 24 hrs. (sigh…)

Now I know for a fact that this isn’t you. But know that these people are out there and they LOOOOVE to spend their time whining and complaining about how all the guru’s are scumbags and that nothing works and that everything is rigged to fail…


Don’t let these guys get to you.

Don’t give them one second of your attention.

We all know that any real business being run doesn’t result in 100%, overnight success.

It takes consistency, focus, and doing what you’re told by the people you’ve entrusted to guide you to online success.

I’ve had people do this 10 years and they’re ready to throw in the towel…

Then when I ask for them to show me what they actually did, it was nothing. They create a site, then stop and they never drove traffic to it because it was new and UNcomfortable for them.

Fear crept in and stole their power.

They get all excited on a technique they learned, then they quickly get distracted and move to the next thing.

They never applied anything and thus never acquired valuable skills that would take them to 6-7 figures. That would set them apart from the wantrepreneurs and dreamers…

They focused too much on the results rather than consistently going through and focusing on the ‘Process’ day in and out. (big wealth tip)

So please, Please, PLEASE!…

Learn from their mistakes.

Focus on your process goals, not the end result so much.

A process goal is:

  • Write and send an email to my list everyday for the next 30 days….
  • Create a powerful and valuable bonus to offer people who buy XYZ affiliate product through me…
  • Set up 15 FB Ads this month with a $5.00 a day budget for each… (you realize that ads only take a few minutes to set up right?)
  • Have a conversation with 25 people this month and see if I can add value to their life with what I offer…

Focus on that, and see where you’re at each week with this… Keep doing this and things will start to snowball, your skills will improve, and then profits and success will be inevitable for you…

The results you’ll get operating this way will beat the socks off of just thinking ‘I need to earn money today’, ‘I need results’, ‘I’m going to try this thing for a week and see what results I get’….

Don’t do it that way…

Focus on the process, and focus on adding massive value to others.

Hopefully all of this helps, and it def. took me a while to figure all of this out too! So I certainly understand if you’re frustrated or struggling. Hang in there buddy!

Apply all this to what you’re doing. And, if you’re needing and searching for something that works really well, then I suggest you check this out:

It’s what I use, it works, and I 110% recommend it for people looking to get to their first 6 figures and beyond without having to learn a jillion skills or working 80 hrs plus a week to do it.

Catch up with ya later,







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