Baby Boomers – Hiking With Persistence, Attitude, and Focus

Have you ever done something and part way through doing it, you realize that you may have put yourself in harm’s way, but you were still determined to follow through with what you started?

Well, that is what just happened to me:

hikinghikingI love to go camping and hiking. I do it quite often when I get the chance. I also have a treadmill that I use on a regular basis, but the treadmill is not like getting out in nature and doing the real thing, even though there are programs I can put into my treadmill that simulate the real thing…

I decided to go hiking this past Sunday on a trail that I had used before, but it had been a long time ago. This was one of two trails that lead to basically the same destination. I chose this trail over the other one because I remembered that it was the one that was less steep. I consider those things more since I have turned 65 years old.

The difficulty of what I am deciding to do comes into play more as I get older, due to injuries and lessons I have learned in my past…

hikinghikingSo I chose this path because as I remembered it, it was the easiest path.

Have you ever noticed that we also do this in our business decisions as well. However, as you will find in my story, the easiest is not always the best choice. Sometimes we need to consider all of our options, disabilities, and yes even our age, before making a decision. But that is another story…

I decided on this path of least resistance or so I thought before I started. By the way this trail is a two mile trek into Waldo Lake Wilderness which is in the Cascade mountains, in the state of Oregon, on the West Coast of the United States. I especially like this area because it is not polluted by the sounds of motor driven toys or loud people. This is still a wilderness are that only those that put forth their own energy will be able to appreciate.

As I was walking along and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature at its finest, I noticed that my legs and muscles seemed to be having more difficulty than I had remembered before. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. I was carrying my backpack with plenty of water and some snacks for lunch when I reached Waldo Lake…

The farther I went the harder it got for me to reach my destination and before too long I was questioning whether or not I had made the right decision to walk this path, especially alone? It would be different if I had chosen a path that a lot of people used all the time, at least for safety’s sake anyway…

Have you ever done that in your life or in business? I mean taken the easy path because that is the one everyone else is taking, but is it the right path? I could have found an easier path, but where would the challenge have been with that? Would I still be able to enjoy the serenity and solitude of a pristine wilderness setting if I had chosen a different path?

Not likely!

So, what did I do? I just slowed down my pace a little bit so as not to overdue my apparently older motor functions and kept right on going. You know what I noticed most with my slowed pace? Of course I notice that there was less strain and stress on my body, but I was seeing more of my surroundings than I had seen before. Things that I had missed when I was in better shape because I was moving too fast to see them.

I think we tend to do that a lot in our everyday lives and in our businesses as well, don’t you?

We are so busy trying to get to our destination as quickly and easily as we can, that we miss the most important parts of our journey. Sometimes we even have to backtrack because where we end up in our rush, bypasses the most important steps we need to get to where we want to go.

Kind of like when we are hiking and not really paying attention to where we are going and we take the wrong path. Which we all know what happens to our destination and our goal when that happens don’t we?hiking

hikingI am getting a lot more physically tired and my muscles are straining when I get me first glimpse of the end of the trail, when all of a sudden there is renewed energy in my legs, etc. My goal is in sight, now all I have to do is finish what I started.

I am sitting on the beach next to this wonderful and secluded portion of Waldo Lake when thoughts of returning to the trail head start to enter my mind. I am sitting quietly eating the lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yogurt, and a piece of blackberry pie… Ummm!

Then those pesky thoughts of the trip back up the trail start creeping in. Yep that is two miles back to the car… Now do you see that trip back as a burden or do you see it as a different view from the opposite direction than what you saw when you hiked in? I am seeing it as different view of the same trail…

hikingThinking about hiking the back trail brings this to mind:

In this situation I am hiking the trail alone, but I am not always alone when hiking. When you are not hiking alone, do you occasionally look behind you to make sure the other hikers are still there or are you at the back of the line?

This is something that is important in business as well. For example, if you are building a team in your business and all you are ever doing is looking ahead, how will you ever know if your team is following you or have they inadvertently taken the wrong path, like you could have done on your hiking trail when you were not paying attention.

hikingIf you are at the head of the line on the hiking trail or if you are a leader in your business, you have to make sure your team is keeping up and following the correct path or you will find people being lost…

After my lunch and some awesome pictures taken, I start on the path back to my car and the end of another awesome journey. I was not on the trail for long before I noticed that even though I had had some issues with my muscles and being tired on the way in, I was now in an even worse dilemma…

Remember how I started this story with this question :

“Have you ever done something and part way through doing it, you realize that you may have put yourself in harm’s way, but you were still determined to follow through with what you started?”

Well, here is where that question came from because I had just realized that the trail going back was mostly uphill and a lot was very steep. I am looking at a trail that is two miles to get back to my car. It had taken me 1 1/2 hours to hike the two miles into the lake and I thought to myself, it is going to take at least twice that long to get back.

hikingMy strategy going back needed to be changed from the strategy I used on the way in. Sometimes in life and in business we need to alter our processes. We do not change our objective or our goals, but we do sometimes have to change the way we go about getting there.

My strategy was to take my time and rest often… When I could feel my heart beating in my chest or my lungs start burning, I would stop and rest. It seemed to me like I was constantly stopping to rest, when in reality, when I got back to my car and the end of my trip, I looked at my watch and it had taken me 1 hour and 50 minutes on the return trip.

That was only 20 minutes longer than the trip in. Even though I was taking more breaks to rest, I was also travelling at a more steady pace on the way back than on the way in. You see, on the way in I stopped more to look at things and take pictures and on the way back out I also did the same thing.

So why do you think it did not take me any more time than it did to get back like I had originally thought it would? It was because I was more determined, more focused, and was not wasting any of the steps necessary to get back to my car.

hikingI did not sacrifice any observance of the scenery that was available. I still stopped to take pictures as I traveled down the path. I took pleasure in the environment I was in without veering off my path or my goal.

Here is a lesson that I have learned from this experience. Don’t take off on my own again, even if I know the trail, without sharing the experience with someone else. I am not as young or in as good of physical shape as I used to be, so anything could have happened…

It is the same in business. Don’t take to the trail alone. Take someone else along whether it is a coach or a mentor, as long as it is someone that knows the trail and can properly advise you of the best way to get to where you want to go. You see, if I had had a coach or someone with me that had already been over that trail, they could have told me, “it is mostly downhill going in and that means mostly uphill coming back.”

All in all, this was an awesome trip and as much as I like hiking, I probably won’t take that particular hiking path again. I know that I can drive my car around to the other side of the lake and take an almost flat path, that will bring me right to the exact place that I stopped for lunch.

To take the easiest path in business, you would want to have a coach or mentor and have a step by step system. Also, if it is a done for you system that is even better. I wanted to share with you the iPAS 2 system that is all of that. It is a done for you step by step system…

You have probably heard of those kinds of systems before, I know I have, but this is the first time I have actually seen one that is actually what it is said to be. Don’t take my word for it, watch this video, create your account, and take a 7 day trial for only $7.00… Then decide for yourself.

iPAS 2Check out iPAS 2 System here

Here is one of the best parts. I am an iPAS 2 Black Card member which means I have positioned myself to create the highest amount of money as possible. What it means for you is this, i have a personal business coach that will be at your disposal.

I also offer my personal coaching and mentoring for you so if you have any questions or issues, as long as you are part of my team, you get that coaching and mentoring for free. I recently had someone that was going through the setup process and he came to a portion of the process that was talking about how important it was to coach your new members…

Here is what he said to me, “I am new to all of this and I don’t have any idea how to coach someone. I guess I need to quit.”

My answer to him was this. You do not have to worry about the small stuff. All you have to do is do your part of getting started, follow the training, be coachable and I will help you by coaching you and anyone that chooses to join you in your business. That is what I do for my team…

coachingCheck it out here and remember that I am here for you when you join my team whether from me directly or someone else that has joined my team. That is a very valuable benefit you will receive from joining me rather than someone else…

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