This is probably one of the biggest reasons for failure that exists right now…

It’s an easy enough FIX once you realize this, but it’ll still take a bit of mental GRIT on your part.

The big mistake people are making (especially in this industry) is believing that being in motion is the same as taking action.

It’s not.

Not even close.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘doing busy work’.

But hear ye’ now. Being ‘busy’ will not get you the results you want.

What’s the difference between the two?

  • If I buy a product, take notes and develop a plan of attack, that’s motion.
  • If I actually implement and DO the steps outlined in the product, that’s action.
  • If I go to the gym and buy a membership and personal training package, that’s motion.
  • If I pick up a pair of dumbbells and start curling, that’s action.
  • If I outline 30 videos I want to shoot and put on YouTube this month, that’s motion.
  • If I shoot a video and upload it right now, that’s action.
  • If I plan to master Facebook Ads, that’s motion.
  • If I go on Facebook and set-up an ad, that’s action.

You see the difference?

Most people are so busy going through the motion of hopping on YouTube, Forums, Social Sites, email and going through products that they have no time or mental clarity for ACTION.

Heck, I just got stressed and overwhelmed just writing that last paragraph!

Here’s the Blunt Truth:

  • Motion by itself leads to a little town called Failureville.
  • Action leads to results. Success. Fulfillment.

So honestly access yourself.

Better yet, let your results so far in this business access you.

Have you been an Action Taker?

Or have you been a Motion Taker?

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes motion is very, VERY good.

Buying products, getting coaches, putting together a plan of attack…. ALL GOOD.

But going through the motion of buying and reading a whole course, learning lot’s of ninja things- that alone, will never get you anywhere.

Simply buying a dumbbell will never get you in shape, going through 101 How To’s will never
get you results.

Not until you become a master implementer.

Not until you start taking Action daily.

Doing things that’ll give you real results that you and others will be proud of.

THEN… you’ll be moving along and achieving all you’ve ever imagined in the past.

Of course, taking just any ole’ action won’t cut it either.

There’s nothing worse than actually taking action, working your tail off, and being in worse shape than when you started out!

That’s why if you’re serious about making a tidy fortune off the internet, you better have a proven
system to follow.

Feel free to do your own due diligence. For myself, I’ve found MTTB to be the best thing out there. By far.

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