I’ve got a friend that installs swimming pools for a living.

Swimming PoolThe only problem he has is around the busy summer months…

When everybody want’s to enjoy a refreshing pool at the same time, he doesn’t have enough equipment to keep up.

So as bad as this sounds, one of the crews inevitably ends up doing quite a bit of digging with the basic Shovel and Wheel Barrow.

While the other crew with the larger job effortlessly uses backhoes and bobcats to do all the hard digging.

Are the crews stuck with the shovel any dumber or less skilled than the other crew?

No, not at all!

They can all run the big equipment just as well as anyone else on their team.

It’s just that one crew has the better equipment…

Right Tools For The JobThis brings up a very important point:

It’s not always what you KNOW that counts.

Oftentimes, it’s what you OWN that makes all the difference in the world.

I know a lot of smart affiliates that are cheating themselves by maxing their commissions at $7.00 – $97.00 per buyer.

They’re cheating themselves AND their buyers.

It’s like they’re trying to build their business with basic tools like a handsaw.

And I know others that are definitely NOT inherently smarter than these so called ‘super affiliates’ and they’re earning $1,000 – $15,000 commissions!


It’s not what they know. It’s what they now OWN.

MOBEAnd what they own is revealed in the MTTB system and you can own it too:


You can keep trying to grow your business digging with a toothpick and a shovel, or you can hop on the Bobcat and dig into some big, dirty profits.

Your choice.

Talk soon,






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