Are You Asking Dumb Questions?

Tony Robbins said these powerful words: “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions. And as a result, they get better answers.”

There is no such a thing as DUMB QUESTIONS.

And, there is such a thing as people being afraid to ask certain questions, in fear that it will make them look bad.

For Example:

People are really struggling somewhere…

But they ask a different question, a surface question. They hold back. And mainly, it’s just to protect their EGO.

We all like to look like we know what we’re doing right?

But this can greatly inhibit us in getting the help that we really need.

Can we make ourselves more Vulnerable?

A lot of times, we want to ask people who are where we want to be, what ACTIONS they took to get there.

When rather, we should be asking about the ”thoughts” behind the actions that got them there.

And there’s the key.

Copying actions doesn’t guarantee the same results.

You gotta find out what the thoughts and actions behind it all were too.

And then, model that.

Their Behavior.

Whenever you have a chance to ask somebody these things, remember, it’s not all about all the little step-by-step, technical stuff…

What are their rituals, their habits, and their thoughts that enabled them to hit these goals?

That’s where the power will be for you to tap in to.

For instance, take the MTTB system for example:

The system works like crazy. That’s a proven fact.

But how are people from all walks of life succeeding with this?

What mindset and habits are separating the top 10 earners from the lowest earners, even though they’ve got the same system to work with?

That’s what’s even cooler about this specific program:

You not only get the MTTB system, but you get a coach, and you get access to HIGHLY INTERACTIVE live groups on Facebook, where you can chat and get training and advice from the top earners.

Hop on in here right now, you won’t regret it.



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