striverAre You A Striver Or Straggler?

A man wakes up, starts the coffee, and then…?

He checks his email on his phone.

Right then and there, he’s started his day in REACTION MODE.

And that’s BAAADDD!

His inbox is chock full of “other’s” agendas.


Error #1: Checking his email first thing in the morning.

Error #2: Not having HIS OWN AGENDA for the day set first.

I like Brendon Burchard. He’s got a few great books, a YouTube channel with some great videos on it etc…

You should definitely check him out.

And just a few days ago I saw a video where he was preaching about some stuff very similar to what I’m always talking about.

He described two specific types of people:

Strivers and Stragglers.

Strivers get things done. They MAKE things happen.

They take personal responsibility for their results and life.

They have a vision and absolutely KNOW where they’re going and what they need to do each day to be a success.

striverStragglers are reactors. And they live each day in reactive mode.

Responding to other’s wants and needs.

They haven’t stopped for a few minutes to chart out what they need to do each day to move the needle forward in their life.

Here’s a couple tips Brendon dished out:

  • Own your mornings. RECLAIM THEM!
  • Stats have shown that on the first hour of each day, if you’ll avoid email, keep off the phone and all the social sites, that you’ll be 30% more productive.

That’s BIG!

striverThat’s what we call, Game. Changer.

Checking in to email is Reactive.

Checking OUT of email and in to your own agenda and purpose will change everything for you.

Protect that time religiously!

Next, pick two blocks of time during EVERY day.

The time frame doesn’t matter so much. If you can only do two 15 minute blocks, do that.

If it can be a couple two hour blocks, then do that.

And within these two time blocks that you’ve created, there will be NO DISTRACTIONS.

Just create and contribute. Do what you have set out to do for that day.

Again, implementing this small thing can take you from zero to hero.

From unprofitable, haven’t made a dollar yet, to ultra profitable, making ‘quit your j-o-b’ profits.

So which are you?

Straggler or… STRIVER!

Aim to be a Striver. I know you’ve got it in ya!

Now, it can be tough to set your own agenda.

To actually know WHAT you need to do each day that will bring you closer to your dream lifestyle.

That’s where the iPAS 2 System comes in and it’s one of the many reasons why it’s so powerful:

You’re given a PLAN and a COACH where you know exactly what you need to do to quickly be a success.

Just follow the couple easy steps, do it each day within your time blocks.

And, you’re golden.

This WILL WORK “if” you’ll just work it a bit.



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