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I was doing some reading up today, and found an interesting strategy from a guy that’s been called the guru to the guru’s, and is just an all around brilliant person.

It’s just three simple questions to ask yourself everyday.

Especially… when you’re stuck.

  • 1- What’s working?
  • 2- What’s missing?
  • 3- What’s next?

(I’d recommend you write those three questions out on a post it, and stick it somewhere you can see it each day.)

Now the questions are simple, but they take some real thinking, and can yield you big results if you actually go through them every day.

I’d even take this a step further, and when you find out what’s missing, you should start to rank yourself on how much you’ve improved on it, from one day to the next on a scale of 1-10.

Then, you simply try to get a little better on it each day.

Let’s illustrate:

  • What’s working for you may be that you’ve become really good at spotting quality launches and ranking for an affiliate page.
  • What’s missing is that maybe you haven’t got any sales yet, though you’re getting a little bit of traffic and working really hard.
  • What’s next is that you could start getting more “quality” traffic, and learning how to create an irresistible bonus offer that people feel they must have more than the product itself.

Not surprisingly, those are the exact three things many people are having a challenge with right now.

In fact, if you’re into affiliate marketing at all, there are a LOT of “what’s missing” elements that you likely have.

I know I did before I finally started to figure things out.

The pieces quickly fit together for me after I watched this no cost Online Workshop that reveals why the old affiliate model is dead, and how you can use the “new rules” to dominate massively, and at will…

Check it out, and you’ll also be getting a bonus for watching this valuable presentation:

Make yourself some popcorn or your favorite treat, and enjoy the show!


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