motivatingA Motivating, If Depressing, Thought

Did you know that time moves faster as you get older?

It’s a depressing thought, but it’s true.

The second half of your life will SEEM to go MUCH faster than the first half, even though they are exactly the same length in years.


It’s relativity.

No, not Einstein’s theory, just the fact that we perceive time in relative terms.

For example, the first 10 years of your life SEEM to pass very slowly, because those 10 years are 100% of your life.

But the second 10 years SEEM to pass more quickly because they are only 50% of your life.

By the time you reach your 70s, a decade seems to FLY by because it is only 1/7th or 14% of your life.

Yes, time moves more quickly as you age.

That’s the depressing part.

Now to the motivating part.

Regardless of how much time you THINK you have left on this planet, it’s going to SEEM to pass much faster than you expect it will.

How much time do you have left to go after your dreams of financial freedom?

The answer is, “Not as much as you think.”

So, take action today. Tomorrow will seem to pass much faster.


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I am a Baby Boomer and I can tell you that this post is spot on. When you read this you will understand what we mean when we say time flies as we get older.

Don’t waste another minute. Make a decision now before all your time is gone…

Take action today!

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