unhappy7 Habits Of Unhappy People

If you are unhappy with your financial well-being, the fastest, easiest way to fix it is by running your own business.

Or you could keep following my…

7 Habits of People Unhappy with Their Financial Situation.

I wrote this list of habits after I saw a Facebook post that grabbed my attention…

unhappy22 Habits of UNHAPPY People.

I liked the title, so I clicked it, read the article, nodded my head… and then stole 7 of their habits to put together my own list…

“7 Habits of People Unhappy with their Financial Lives”.

Here you go…

  1. They complain about it, but never DO anything about it.
  2. They do “retail therapy” (shopping), which makes their financial problems worse.
  3. They worry about the future, but never DO anything about it.
  4. They wait for the future, but never DO anything about it.
  5. They don’t follow through. (See 1, 3, 4 and 5)
  6. They magnify the problem, “It’s too big to fix!, so I won’t do anything about it.”
  7. They minimize the problem, “It’s not that important”, so I won’t do anything about it.”

Isn’t it fascinating that so many of the habits that can make you unhappy in life, also make you unhappy with your financial situation?

And even more fascinating how many of those habits really just boil down to, procrastination and laziness…

  • Complain
  • Worry
  • Wait
  • Magnify
  • Minimize
  • Don’t follow through

They are all just ways to avoid the one sure way to be happier, in life and with your finances…


Nothing gets better unless you take action.

That’s the bad news.

But here’s some really good news, All you have to do is take the FIRST action, you don’t have to take ALL the action.

Because if you take the first action and start with IPAS 2, Chris and his teams will take care of most of the other actions for you…

  • They have the high-ticket, high-quality products
  • They have the converting sales funnel
  • They have the phone sales team
  • They do the customer service and web development and shipping
  • They have the experience
  • Their system does most of the work

With just one click, you’ll overcome all 7 habits of people unhappy with their financial situation!

(As long as you don’t go shopping!)

But you have to do ONE THING… you have to take the first action and get started…



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