30 Videos In 7 Days Challenge – Day 1

I decided to participate in a video challenge that was presented on April 28, 2014 to do 30 videos in 7 days. That in itself is an awesome task, but I procrastinated until getting started on May 1, 2014.

This gives me an actual 4 days to fulfill the full 30 videos. Yes, even those of us that have been online for a long time have times when we procrastinate. I don’t procrastinate very often, and I am not really sure it was an actual case of procrastination for me, but a situation where I just did not take it serious and made a decision to participate later than the rest…

On May 1st, what many people call May Day, I decided to start my video challenge. You will see in my first seven videos that I must have had an issue with my math because I keep saying that I only have three days left to finish my challenge.

So, what did I do to get my videos challenge off the ground?

Yep, since I am retired from my job and have been full time online for the last two years, I can take off and do anything that I want, whenever I want…

I decided to take a road trip for the day into the beautiful green mountains, rivers, and lakes of Oregon around where I live. I tossed a few munchies, my laptop, and a change of clothes, into my car because I was not sure what kind of situation I would run into, so wanted to be prepared.

It was a beautiful day, around 86 degrees by the afternoon. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had hooked up my trailer so I could take my 1972 Suzuki 250 that I had purchased with only has a little over 5,000 original miles on it. I wanted to start seeing how it ran and put some road miles on it instead of being trapped in my car all day.

I started my journey by heading East from where I live in Eugene, Oregon on my way to the mountains. I documented my day through some short videos that I have included below. You will be able to see the green mountains, blue lakes, and fast running currents in the rivers…

I started out at Salmon Creek Campground and Salmon Creek Falls seen in the following videos:

From the Salmon Creek area I headed a little bit farther South and decided to stop at Willamette Fish Hatchery just outside of Oakridge, Oregon with the intention to show you a lot of different sized fish, but because it is spring time, I did not realize that most of the larger fish would be gone because they had been released out into the lakes and rivers.

Most of the fish tanks were empty and the ones that were not empty had thousands of small fish frye, which is what baby fish are called, and could not be seen in my video or pictures.

From the fish hatchery I headed further South up past Hills Creek Reservoir, where I did not get any videos of the reservoir because I had unloaded my 1972 Suzuki and had ridden around the back side of the lake and up above the lake to Campers Flat Campground where I took a break to shoot the following video:

After a short break I went for another ride on my 1972 Suzuki farther up above the lake and then turned around to ride back to the trailer where I reloaded my bike for the return trip home. I had added a total of 78 miles to my motorcycle today…

From Hills Creek Reservoir I proceeded West towards Eugene and decided to stop of at Dexter Lake which is nestled in between the little towns of Dexter, Oregon on the South side and Lowell, Oregon on the North side.

Every year the Blackberry Festival is held here as well as some of the best boat races around. If you have not seen boats drag race and round-de-round, then you need to find your way to Dexter Lake in the Summertime…

From Dexter lake I finished my journey back to my home in Eugene, Oregon.

In conclusion, I created seven of my 30 videos in seven days challenge. I now have 3 days left so keep your eyes open for the rest of my videos…












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