$25,000$25,000 To Quit Your Job?

More and more companies out there are offering to pay their employees up to $25,000 to quit their job.

Even if they have only worked there for one day.

There’s a popular video game company, called Riot Games, that does this.

As do other companies such as Zappos, and Amazon.

Sounds crazy right?

Some are saying it’s crazy SMART!

Why so?

Well, basically it’s an economic filter to foster excellence on the job.

With this incentive to leave, they’re left with only people that are absolutely passionate, and in love
with their jobs.

And in the big scheme of things, this incentive is not a LOT of money.

It usually equates to 1-3 months pay.

However, it’s “enough” of an incentive to weed out those that are not really into it.

It’ll eliminate those that are just there because it’s a job, but would much rather be doing something

And in the long run, that saves these companies a lot of time and hassle, and it leaves them with great employees that love their work.

So let me ask you this:

What if YOUR job offered you $25,000 to quit today, would you?

If your answer is a resounding YES!, then you have got a tell-tale sign that something is wrong there.

That you should indeed be looking for an exit plan ASAP.

Life’s too short and there are too many opportunities to be doing anything less than what you love to do.

The better option than quitting in my opinion is to “temporarily” keep your current job, so you don’t
have to worry about paying the bills and your basic needs.

And then, start something on the side that can quickly replace your current income, with just a
fraction of the time and effort.

And, it’s something you ENJOY doing. And more importantly, gives you the time to do all the things
that you love to do outside of the j-o-b.

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