Have you ever heard of the 10,000 hours rule before?

Well, I’ll show you how IGNORING IT can make you a lot of dough and alleviate a painfully long journey to success!…

It’s a concept made popular by author Malcolm Gladwell who says that it takes 10,000 hours to truly become a master at something.

Now I could possibly see this applying to some things, but I definitely don’t completely agree with this idea.

If you’re just randomly going through the motions doing something everyday, then yeah, I could see how it may take 10,000 hours of repetitive motion to become a true Jedi at your craft.

But if you want to become good at something really fast?

  • Like being a master at running a profitable online business…
  • Mastering paid traffic so you’ll never have to worry about getting sales again…
  • Learning to effortlessly close lucrative deals that most only could dream of getting…

Then check out something pretty cool that I’ve found:

  • To become good really fast, to be great. To get profitable fast, here’s what you need to do…
  • You need to become ultra focused and concentrated on your efforts. Not becoming repetitive just for the sake of it.
  • You need to spend Deliberate Hours, not 10,000 hours

Next, you need some sort of coach to point out your errors and to guide you down the right path. That way you know you’re not wasting 10,000 hours doing something that doesn’t work. A coach can teach you to avoid that at hour 5.

So to recap, spend focused deliberate hours on something, get feedback, correct course, rinse and repeat.

You’ll become a pro in months, not years.


How would you like to exchange out 10,000 hours to $10,000 dollars over the course of the next 30 to 60 days?

What I’m talking about is leveraging somebody else that has literally already put in over 10,000 hours of focused work…

Leveraging a proven system that’s been proven time and time again to put lucrative profits into it’s partners pockets.

I speaketh of the elusive MTTB system:


It’s the fastest shortcut to online profits and creating a job crushing income on the side that I know of.

You shortcut the whole 10,000 hours thing, you get a coach, and you get step by step directions so you can take focused and deliberate actions moving forward…

Which will then put the big bucks into your bank account…

Check it out,

10,000 hours







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